Windy Hill Campground
Shari  G.The Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Apr. 25, 2021

Not our type of place, too many generators!

I’m sure that for some, this is their favorite camping area, someplace to return to each and every spring with the family. It has everything one needs to get away from the valley, and out onto the lake for some motorized boating. 

The smallish spaced campsites are perfect for getting together with friends, yet large enough to accommodate big RV’s. As a plus, the noise of generators from every other campsite, means that if your group gets a little loud nobody will likely notice. Despite the area’s abundance of sunshine, making it perfect to run your camping rig on solar, this place takes the prize for the most generator impacted site that we’ve ever stayed in our lifetimes, which is saying something.  If you like that sort of thing, or can’t hear, this is your place and these are your people. I went for a 45-minute walk around the campground, and counted 13 different generators all going at different frequencies. It was not unlike a walk in a pleasant park while the maintenance staff gather all the leaves with the power of multiple leaf blowers. Despite this trend to all things big and gas-powered, the area is indeed lovely. 

We enjoyed a splendid paddle out on the water near sundown, after many power boats were already back up on their trailers. Across the road, lies the Tonto National Monument which shows off some terrific examples of early Puebloan cliff dwellings. The mountains surrounding the area are stunning, and there are some fantastic hiking trails in the area. 

The closest stores can be found at the either ends of the lake, a gas station and Marina store/ restaurant. Their selection is low and inversely proportional to the prices. Within 30 minutes to the north and south, respectively, lie the towns of Payson, and Globe where you can find any kind of supplies you need without the price gouging.

Month of VisitApril
  • We chose the site farthest from everyone else, but it didn't help with the noise.
  • Lots of open space behind each site, though.
  • by 9:30am, even in March!
  • The bathrooms weren't well kept, so we didn't bother using them.
  • A slight view of the lake from the campground.
  • Hands down, the best part of the area.
  • Bring your solar panel...and ear plugs to drowned out all the other gas generators!