Lower Wolf Creek Campground
PThe Dyrt PRO User
Reviewed Jul. 29, 2021

decent camping (excellent for region) within 15 min of prescott

It's a decent campground with the basic amenities (tables, firepit, bathrooms) but no water (bear boxes not needed).  effortless entry for tents and small rvs (or small groups; a larger group site is at "upper").  about 15 sites that range from nice to pretty nice (higher ratings if only considering the region) with the sites furthest from the road (all the way to the back left as you enter) the more desirable. There is a dusty dirt road that runs along the N side (the long axis of the CG) and during summer months can be both busy and go well into the night (OHVs). Gun shots can occasionally be heard in the distance further messing with your peace (but, welcome to AZ). There's an unmarked trail (out the back of the campground to the left) that leads down a rough dirt road (4x4 in places) for about 1 to 1.5 miles to a nice swimming hole with mini waterfall (just along the road). That's a worthwhile trek on hot days. Also, about 1/4 m before you get to the waterhole, there's a great rock formation hidden in the woods to the left about 200 m from the trail/road… worth seeing. Other hikes in the area include climbing to spruce mtn lookout, and loads of Mtn Bike trails all throughout. And, the several acre big Goldwater Lake (reservoir) for boating and safe (no heavy metals from mining) swimming although they try to discourage it (but the mellow patrol (if it exists) is likely hitched to their golfcarts and can't muster the energy to enforce… or, they are just as flummoxed as everyone else as to why we "shouldn't swim" there. (Prescott has very few swimming spots.) All told, it's a decent CG by national standards but a great one by local standards and, if you are in the area, definitely worth a look.

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