Box Bar
Ashley C.
Reviewed Jul. 25, 2018

Ranger Review: IceMule Cooler at Box Bar

Ranger Review: ICEMULE at Box Bar Recreation Area

Campground Review

What a great find! We had no idea what to expect when we rolled down a long and lonely road from Phoenix out to Box Bar. But other people sure knew about it! There were lots of party people there, playing music, floating in the river, and enjoying some BBQ.

Box Bar is not fancy, but it is FREE! There are no reservations and no set camp areas, but there are plenty of flat and shaded spots perfect for a tent. There is a large dirt parking area that includes 3 port-o-potties. If you were going to camp here, the potties are quite far from the camp spots, so keep that in mind.

The best part -- the gorgeous river! The Rio Verde runs right through here and is the main attraction. At Box Bar there is a small dam that holds the water in just enough for a calm small lake to appear. There is also quicker waters that can be kayaked or floated on. Many kids were putting in and going around the bend, getting back out, and doing it over and over again! The water is cool and refreshing in the Arizona sun.

When we went, it was a Saturday. So I’ll be anxious to go back on a weekday or Friday to see if it is as crowded other days. It wasn’t OVER crowded, but the loud music can get old :)

Overall, a truly great find. Only 30 minutes from Phoenix too!

Product Review

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products to test from time to time. At Box Bar, I got to use the IceMule Pro Large Cooler.

Before heading out, we packed up sodas, juice boxes, apples, and a tupperware of cookies into the IceMule and poured ice all over the top. The temperature that day was over 100 degrees, but when we got to the campsite and opened the top, the ice was still there and the drinks and food were freezing cold. Never had such a refreshing soda! I’m used to having to drink a warm soda or water while adventuing, so this was quite the treat.

Besides keeping the refreshments ice cold, the backpack was also super comfortable to wear. The straps are super padded, as well as the bag where is rests against the back. I am a super weak person and it was easy and fun to wear.

I totally recommend this cooler to anyone wanting to reward a long hike, boat, or camp with freezing cold treats.

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For my video of the campground and IceMule:

  • Trail out to the river
  • Parking Lot Area
  • Me and my ducklings
  • Lots of Shade!
  • These are the places you can put a tent
  • Get in! The water's fine!
  • Patient baby looking on
  • Refreshing
  • Kayakers having a great day
  • Checking to see if the IceMule worked
  • Wow!  This drink is COLD!
  • Finding some nice rocks
  • Here's one!
  • I don't want to leave!
  • The cookies didn't melt at all in the IceMule, but Hazel changed that
  • Clifford changed that too
  • Walking back to the car
  • Here is the calm "Lake" area
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  • Potties!  At the far end of the parking area from the camping
  • Areal view
  • drone footage
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