Hilltop RV Park
Cheryl L.
Reviewed Mar. 2, 2020

Park going down hill fast

December of 2016 my husband and I decided to stay at HillTop RV Park in Robertsdale, AL, for the cold winter months. Our first and second winters in the park were wonderful. Activities were planned, weekly dinners out as a group, potluck dinners, and weekly games in the clubhouse. The clubhouse when it was unlocked, you could watch TV, play Wii games, and visit others. It was also the place to pick up your mail. If the managers were not around, the clubhouse was locked.

The following year, December of 2017, the park was pretty much the same as in 2016. Volunteers would begin doing the mowing and planning all the activities. Upon leaving in the spring of 2018, we could see changes happening in the park. 

In December of 2018, changes started to happen. The managers became distant, rude and very uncomfortable to be around. The maintenance that was happening began to stop. My husband and I would fill the potholes in the road and take care of the ant hills throughout the park. Other people would help as well. The clubhouse was locked 80% of the time therefore having access to your mail was very difficult. Since the clubhouse was being used as the managers’ own personal space, living room and dining room, there was no time for the clubhouse activities as in the past. Furthermore, there was a sign at the clubhouse stating no pets allowed, but apparently that did not pertain to the numerous cats the managers fed. The only time the clubhouse was thoroughly cleaned was when the owner was going to arrive. The cleaning was done by volunteers. 

We arrived December of 2019 and could feel a different vibe as soon as we walked in the office. The park managers were even more distant and rude. We decided to get our mail from a post office box since our experience in 2018 was less than good. Since, once again the clubhouse was locked for almost 90% of the time, there was no activities scheduled, no time to watch TV or play games or enjoy visiting with others. Definitely no good time to get mail if it was being delivered to the park. It seemed like the managers were very involved with one family who arrived in March of 2019 and not really anyone else. There were even more cats in the park marking their territory on everything and making it uncomfortable for the rest of the animals in the park. Absolutely No activities were planned the entire winter season(even though it says they are on the website). 

We left the end of February of 2020. Our take away from stay this past season is this: 

1. Do not expect any activities or anything else the website says they have. 

2. Do expect to be locked out of the clubhouse. Know that the rules only apply to those who the managers don’t like. 

3. Do expect tension if conversing with the managers. 

4. Do not expect typical maintenance to be completed by the managers.