Let's introduce ourselves!

Tell us a little bit:

  • about yourself
  • how you camp
  • where you’re from
  • and an (optional) photo from a camping trip :slight_smile:

I’ll start. I’m Taylor, originally from Sacramento, CA - but I’ve been enjoying the evergreen trees of Portland, OR for the last 7 months that I’ve lived here. I’m a backpacker who likes long walks in the woods.

looking forward to meeting everyone and talking about camping!


I’m Pat and my wife and I live in NE with our boys. We enjoy camping (tent and RV), hiking, mountain biking, etc. We usually camp within NE of SD due to ease and speed of getting to locations.


I’m John. Currently I am in Pennsylvania, but have over the years I have hit most of the 50 states.

I hike, mountain bike, kayak, climb and/or trailblaze alot. I prefer to camp where there is something to go find or see. I do not like to be the guy that camps and sits in camp all week, if I had my way I would see camp just for meals and sleeping.

Unfortunately, I solo camp alot, or its my daughter, my dogs, or a combination of them that will accompany me most often.

I will camp in just about any setting or style, what ever it takes to get out there, however, I primarily camp from my kayak. I sleep either in a hammock or in my Tentsile Stingray. One, I get to camp places most people do not have access too, two, it allows me to definitely camp off the beaten path and avoid the larger amounts of people. Three, I will never sleep on a root or rock again…



I’m Bunny (in real life my name is Crystal) LOL… I am from Texas and am a travel blogger, so despite being from the south I often find myself exploring places with a lot more to offer than my semi flat area for which I reside.

On my adventures I like to do it road trip style with a tent always stowed in the back but also a nice comfy car camp option just in case the weather doesn’t work out or I don’t make it to where I hoping to be. I travel at least 6 months of the year and am one of those people who enjoys the adventure so I try a lot of random things.


Hi! I’m Hayley! I’ve lived in 6 states and 2 countries in my life (daughter of a looney hippy). I grew up equal parts in Florida and a few states located in the Appalachian Mountains but after college headed to Israel for an extended stay and worked outside of the Golan for a while. Once my time had come to head back to the US, I moved out to California and worked as an Environmental Experiential Educator and Guide for the better part of the past 12 years. I currently live in Denver, CO running a nonprofit focused on developing leadership skills in teens and utilizing those skills to facilitate meaningful volunteer work and service in the community (Colorado Young Leaders).

I love all kinds of camping and backcountry exploring. I’m comfortable sleeping under the stars, in a tent, or in my hammock. So choosing one is hard. I sleep terribly in an actual bed. haha I prefer to be away from people so I try and find the secluded spots or the campgrounds that are lesser known to venture to.

Here is a morning picture from a trip to Zion where we camped in Smithsonian Butte BLM area so we could do some riding in the AM without crowds.


Hello from Texas!

My name is Ashley and I live in Southeast Texas.
My husband and I used to be skoolie campers, but have sold our bus and are on the hunt for a bumper pull. When we camp, I enjoyed reading, relaxing, creating fun camp meals and a little bit of hiking. Together we like to canoe/boat and the husband like to fish.
We’ve from Texas and just moved back from living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 3 years.

We don’t own her anymore, but here is Betty - our old skoolie.


Oh no why’d you sell Betty? Looks amazing!

Betty was sooo fun looks like!!! Curious as to what you thought were the pros and cons of the bus vs bumper pull… Great to hear tons of fun facts!!

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Hey all! I’m Annie from the St Louis area. I take off every summer (the best benefit of teaching!) to camp and see America. Last summer was the Pacific Northwest, the summer before was all of Route 66. I enjoy tent camping, but have been leaning towards maybe doing a van conversion in the near future. While out on my summer adventures I try and do something exciting or different from what Missouri can offer; last summer I kayaked and camped in the San Juan Islands and went white water rafting on the Middle Salmon River (the famous River of No Return) in Idaho. I tend to go solo on my trips because most of my friends can’t leave and be off grid for the whole summer. But as a result I tend to meet the most interesting and kind people (everyone wants to protect the solo girl traveler, even when she can fend for herself).

Looking forward to talking shop with everyone!


Hello! I’m Troy from Texas. I enjoy traveling, hiking, camping and backpacking. It’s great when all of these things happen at the same time. :earth_americas: :walking_man: :camping: :school_satchel: I enjoy sharing slices of life on social media @troyfromtexas and sharing stories on my blog The Adventure Begins.


We loved Betty, but we had 2 main reason why we sold her. First is that anytime we went somewhere, we always drove a second vehicle for exploring. That is especially hard for longer trips. The second was just life got busy and we weren’t going out as much. Anytime there is a engine involved, it’s not good for it to just sit around.

Oh she was!!!

Definite pros and cons.
Pros to any conversion is the customization of everything. My husband and I had specific things we wanted (him- AC and a full shower, me- real mattress, porcelain toilet, lots of natural light) and we could accommodate all of it! We had a blank slate that we could do what we wanted.

The biggest thing it came down to was always needing a second vehicle to drive around and we just weren’t going out enough. We think a bumper pull will handle sitting better than a diesel engine. We’ll miss the bus, but we’ll do a mini renovation on whatever camper we get to what we want!

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Jim from Kansas here…I tent, hammock and sleep-a-Jeep camp whenever possible. Like to hike, kayak, overland. Traveled to all the surrounding states of Kansas and looking to expand even further this year.


I’m Art and always have my Australian cattle dog, Dakota, along for camping adventures. We live in Illinois but escape to the mountains, waterfalls, forests and hiking trails over the summer. We travel in Dakota’s Doghouse - a teardrop camper that I built from a kit that a boat company makes.

We love to find national forest spots with limited amenities and get in daily hikes as we travel. We have been able to get out camping for 2-3 month stretches each of the past couple summers.

We are always looking for great hiking and camping that is away from the crowds so send any ideas our way. We wander as we journey and never really know where we will end up - but there is always something inspiring to discover.


I am Scott. My wife and our dog camp in our 1999 13’ Scamp which we purchased last year after selling our homemade teardrop. We also slowly making our way across the country state by state working on getting to as many national parks as we can. We will camp just about anywhere and have found some amazing campground by just driving and taking a chance, but some of our favorites have come from using the Dyrt.

Hopefully things start to open up soon as we had several camping trips planned for the summer, but until then the Scamp has turned into my office and our personal movie theatre!


I’m Laura! I live in Hawaii and work in California as a nurse. When I’m in California I car camp to save $$ :yum: I enjoy car camping when I’m traveling alone if my husband can’t join me. I feel a little safer knowing I can sleep a little incognito with my doors locked!

Here is my set up!


Great feedback!!! Thanks for sharing… I would love to do a conversion one of these days but being just me it would probably be something a bit smaller. But even with something smaller it is great to see and hear real life stuff so I always watch videos of all types of conversions!!!


great pic btw Troy!!! Very cool location!!

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Is that an Element??? Also where are your fav places to car camp in California and do you find it hard to find places which allow car camping or do you stick to more organized campgrounds?

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Howdy Folks!

I’m Austin and I’m from Sweet Home Alabama, currently living on Guam, and soon to move to Boulder, Colorado for Grad School. #nerd

I enjoy backpacking, trail running, and towing my SylvanSport Go around (that I won from The Dyrt!).

Here’s a pic from a trip a few years back since I haven’t been doing too much camping here on Guam…