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Hi everyone! My name is Debra and I live in Georgia. I have a 25ā€™ Thor Vegas my little dog (Maelena) and I travel in. I have just started traveling alone, and, sort of stay close to home. I would like to venture out and go to other states. I am happy to read a lot of your stories. You all have given me some courage!


Welcome Debra! Lots of expertise in this forum (including full-timing) so ask any questions you might have :slight_smile:

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Hi. Iā€™m Jenny and I travel out of the heat of Arizona during the summer to the cool of anywhere. Solo camping with my dog Allie, in my Subaru Outback, outfitted with a bed, is my gig. Iā€™m an older adventurer so I hang around and read at the campsite.


Hi Jenny, nice to meet you! I have been wanting to hit the road with my little dog but as a new widow kinda scared to venture out. Do you ever encounter any problems?