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About Shi Shi Beach

Sites are scattered along the beach and in the forest. Obtain permits in person at the Wilderness Information Center (WIC) in Port Angeles or at the South Shore Lake Quinault Ranger Station. Call for hours. Before your trip, contact the WIC at 360-565-3100. If you are hiking south of Shi Shi beach & camping, reservations are required May 1 through Sept. 30.

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Shi Shi Beach is located in Olympic National Park in Washington
48.2598 N
-124.682 W
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14 Reviews of Shi Shi Beach
epic but crowded beach camping

You do need a permit to camp here- obtain from the ranger station in Port Angeles (in person, or call). The hike in is mellow- almost all pretty flat until the final descent to the beach. Pack in your water or bring a filter for the creeks in the area. The beach can be a bit of a mob scene- packed out with photographers and instagramers who seem more interested in getting a cool selfie than the actual stunning beach. To each his own, I guess. It is well worth braving the crowds and sleeping to the sound of the ocean and living with the cadence of the tides for a while. Low tide reveals incredible tide pools- be sure to check them out.

Easy Hike Rewarded With Beautiful Views

The drive to Shi Shi (pronounced Shy Shy) Beach was amazing. WA 112 is a fun, winding road with breathtaking views of the ocean. To backpack overnight on Shi Shi Beach you will need a Makah Recreation Pass. It was $10 and we purchased it at the Washburn General Store in Neah Bay. We then followed the signs to the Shi Shi Beach Trailhead. Overnight parking is in someone's front yard (about .7 miles from the trailhead), it was $10 a night.

The hike to Shi Shi Beach is relatively easy, at times muddy, and contains 1 very steep hill. Once we were on the beach we continued to hike until we found a campsite. The site was private with a great ocean view.

In the morning the tide pools were amazing! Colorful starfish and sea anemones everywhere. I highly recommend visiting and spending the night!

Most spectacular beach in Washington

Water is a little scarce. Bring a reservoir and pump one time will save you a bunch of hassle. Also bring fire paste as most wood is water logged. Late August offers lower and higher tides which makes tide pools a little more interesting.

Winter Camper

So the reviews of this beach are great, but it seems people are more focused on the traditional Summer camping, and although that is the season where we most think of camping I encourage you to start thinking outside the box - especially when it comes to Shi Shi Beach.

First stop was to a quaint town NO ONE has heard of, Forks, WA (sorry sarcasm was required) for breakfast before what we knew was going to be quite a hike into the beaches of Shi Shi where we had researched allowed for beach fires during the camping off season and read that planting your tent on the beach was a must. Too excited to wait we packed up immediately, after speaking with some of the locals and getting their experienced direction advice, and headed to our destination.

Now we discuss the hike into the beach. If you are an inexperienced or even moderate hiker the hike to the views is quite pleasant, albeit long. However, if you are looking for a bit of adventure there is a quiet, almost private, beach that you get to (and all the locals know) by hiking in 2 miles of trail hiking, then proceed to look down and there is a steep hill where hikers have placed rope to climb down and assist with the ascent as well. It is thrilling! And once you get to the beach the time you have there is amazing.

Nesting Bald Eagles can be heard and seen as they swoop down into the waves in search of their latest catch. The fires on the beach are restricted to driftwood and anything else lying on the beach that might light up, (nothing from the forest is allowed) which causes a deep green and blue coloring to your campfire.

if you are looking for something to do, an adventure to have, that is free during the winter hours (apart from the required Discover Pass for parking) look no further than Washington’s beautiful Shi Shi Beach.

Make it your new Winter Camping tradition.

Busy but beautiful!

We visited Cape Flattery which is the most NW point in the lower 48. We decided to Beach camp that night and had our sights set on Shi Shi beach. It's a gorgeous beach, but a little bit of a pain to get to and to make sure you have all the right permits. You don't need an Olympic wilderness permit, but you do need a reservation permit from the local tribe. You can get this at most stores and restaurants in town, but we didn't know this beforehand so it made our trip a little more annoying(our fault for not researching). You will then need to prk in one of the secure lots for an additional $10 and walk about a mile down to the trailhead. You cannot park at the trailhead itself overnight. Then, from the trailhead it's about a 2mile walk to the beach where you can set up camp anywhere you chose.

Keep in mind the tide schedule and you will need a bear canister. If you don't have your own you can rent from the ranger station.

Shi Shi Beach

First time there, now my top favorite spots. Make sure to get proper passes and permits before heading to camp. Available at local grocery store & National Park Service. Also cash for parking near trailhead. ($10) a day. Secure and helps a local. And a bear proof container- free rental from NPS. Enjoy the hike in. Take it all in and when you smell and hear the ocean your almost there. There is a steep embankment down to the beach, but there is a guide rope to aid your decent. I'll let a few photos say the rest. Enjoy-

Beautiful place to camp

We just camped there couple of weeks ago. Walked about a mile on the beach to find a perfect spot. We were able to set couple of tents in the shaded area in the woods and few on the beach. The shaded area was perfect in the afternoon. Take a walk down the beach to see tidepools and explore the surrounding area.


This is such an amazing place. Shi Shi Beach was beautiful and you MUST go to Cape Flattery via Neah Bay. Find the time!

Shi Shi is part of Olympic National park. Lots of cool water rocks and features that make the west coast of Washington so darn amazing. To camp here you need a permit which can be a little difficult and requires advance planning ($10)!

This is pretty primitive camping. No firepits/grills you'll have to build your own campfire. To get here you have to go to Neah Bay.

Hobuck Beach camping is also nearby.

shi shi beach

This place is absolutely stunning, a flat easily done lengthy hike with the last 1/4 mile being a bit of an incline where ropes are used to get down and up. Does tend to be windy so plan on camping behind the trees, plenty of beautiful sandy beaches to walk on, with tide pools to explore. Keep in mind that not only a Washington state discover pass is required you have to buy a pass from the Indian Reservation also, they are purchasable at the gas station with in the town for 15 for the weekend. The parking lot isn't very large, and my party and I was warned of break ins in the over night cars, so be sure to leave no valuables. This place is by far one of the Number one beaches in Washington state, and at one time was voted in the top ten by discovery channel for best beaches in the world, if your around this area I recommend making this a camping destination if not at least a day hike in, also not a far drive from this location is cape flattery that is a small walk in and breath taking views. (No camping was available at cape flattery, just scenic views)

secluded camping

Best place I have ever camped. Secluded on the beach. Absolutely breathe taking views. Short hike in.