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About Airport Campground
National Park Service
Airport Campground is located in Canyonlands National Park in Utah
38.3914 N
-109.7938 W
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2 Reviews of Airport Campground
Pretty much just an empty patch of dirt

EXCELLENT stargazing along the White Rim trail. There was a vault toilet available that smelled as though about 40 feral cats had painted the walls with urine, but it did the job.

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In the middle of Mars

I thought I was on Mars. No other life near by, but us. Giant bright Red canyons all over the place. With one significant red stone resembling an airport tower. Sun shine glowing across the rims of the canyons. Wowz. This campsite is one of the first campsites coming down shafer trail switch backs and bout couple hours south of white rim trail. Although shafer trail was closed at the time due to the roads being frozen over. I was told by the ranger a car had nearly slipped off one of the edges not to long ago. We went in late November. It was deceivingly freezing. We ended up taking the alternate route Potash. The roads to get to the camp is very narrow. Up on high edges and are not for the faint of heart …. and pretty beaten up and muddy at some parts. I'd recommend 4x4 with clearance. And the right shoes for your car. Good Terrain capable tires with big knobs. Although the views…. man o man the views. Temperature at the day times was about 30-36 degees F. The evenings were at one point 24 degrees. F. Amazingly, we we'rent the only campers there. Another family of four were at airport site A. And was well prepared in a large tent. We attempting cooking hot pot ( large pot of soup to filled with meats veggies, meatballs etc. ) for dinner. The large pot, with conventional butane stove could not heat up the soup. It was burning for over 30 minutes, on high. We ended up using a tiny JetBoil backpacking burner, which got the soup boiling within 5 minutes….. That jet boil was a dinner saver! There is a vault restroom (pretty roomy and clean) at each site, and of course no water. Must pack everything in and out! Will need to obtain an overnight permit to stay. 3 cars 15 people max per site