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About Mississippi River RV Park
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Mississippi River RV Park is located in Tennessee
35.1239 N
-90.0701 W
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2 Reviews of Mississippi River RV Park

This is an abandoned site. Now its full of trash.

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Great Pricing But Felt A Bit Crowded

I was really looking forward to checking out this spot right on the Mississippi when I found out it was nestled right on the banks of the river. I had looked up and down the Arkansas side for a spot with the view and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly. There area several RV areas but this was the only I found that also welcomed tents.

I had seen the camp map offering camping right on the banks, but when I arrived they were not allowing camping in that grassy section and instead were placing campers in the area closer to the RVs, in a tree covered area so it was pleasant but I was really looking forward to seeing the mighty river in the morning first thing. But being closer to the bath house did also have its advantages I guess.

Pricing was only $14 so can't really beat that. The staff was super friendly as well but I am thinking I was there on a busy weekend because it was pretty packed and seemed to have a little bit of a closer quarters feel on the RV loops that I personally would have enjoyed had I been on one of them.

For the most part the location was pretty quiet during the nighttime, you could hear a little of the river traffic but nothing much from my placement. I think I probably would have enjoyed the location a bit more during the week, sometimes I just like to really enjoy the natural beauty of things more without as many neighbors.

Just as much as the river itself is a positive, I also was made aware that it can be a negative as the banks of the river have often swelled into camp and caused partial or full closure of the park. After talking to one of the employees and them showing me a few of the flooding photos they advised to always check in advance during the flood season which is from December to June. For this reason however, the park is always working to improve structures and making better so they can stay on top of this.


  • Check out the pedestrian bridge which travels from West Memphis, not far from this camp all the way across the Mississippi into Memphis, TN. It is the longest pedestrian bridge in the country.
  • Check the website for the camp before traveling for links to weather related closures or possibilities.