Yenyfer B.

Tustin, CA

Joined August 2018

Great for Socializing!

We were referred to Lake Casitas by several people. We went for a four day three night camping trip in July '18. They have different camp sites depending on the needs of the campers, such as RV hookups and whatnot. We are relatively new at camping and were looking for a nice time to relax and enjoy nature. Our kids and our dogs really enjoyed it. We liked that the campsite was spacious and had lots of shade. There weren't many bug or flies, which was great. The park has a tiny water park. Cute and perfect for families with small children. My son is 11 and all he could do was the lazy river. The actual park was so big and it was filled to capacity. It was difficult to enjoy nature. There was people everywhere. Also, the weather was hot and dry, which created a lot of fine sand-like dirt lift when cars drove by. My teens loved being able to ride their bikes around. The water level in the river is so low it made me feel sad. The place has showers, but depending on your site, one might end up very far to walk. Restrooms were scarce, but in between they put potable toilets; not fun when it's nearly 100 degrees. The place is great if you enjoy meeting new people, hanging around the bonfire, and I heard it's good fishing. I did not like how packed it gets. It felt like I was in my back yard and too much noise pollution. Water park left much to be desired and wish there was swimming in the lake.