Kings Pointe Resort

This is a pretty awesome place. There is a lot of activities. The resort resides on Storm Lake and it’s usually pretty active. The first night we were there it actually had a very nice lightning storm.

The lake has a lot of perch, walleye, crappie and white bass. It’s not a very deep lake but has some pockets that you can find on the west side that does pretty good. There are boat ramps and parks all along the lake.

The resort is pretty huge it has an indoor and outdoor water park. The park slides are pretty fun and scary. There is also a lazy river!

The restaurant in the hotel is top notch. They served some of the best food. You won’t go hungry and the price wasn’t over priced like some resorts.

There is also a very nice large playground for kids to play on and a nice little beach to go swimming on. They clean the beach every morning but it gets pretty dirty towards the end of the day.

It doesn’t get very crowded during the week but on the weekend it picks up and a lot of people who aren’t staying at the resort show up to play in the water park.

As far as outside there are lots of trails to walk on. Tons of little parks around the lake to have picnics and town isn’t that far if you need to get coffee or groceries.

Best Resort in Iowa

My family and I stay here for a week during the summer. We usually rent a cabin but there is also a hotel you can stay at.

The hotel includes w restaurant which is a little pricey but it’s usually really good food. There is a video game system hooked up in the lobby and a guest services area and store.

Outside the hotel they have activities so that you can do such as corn hole, playing tic tac toe or jenga. There is a pretty nice boat dock which you can rent a boat or kayak/canoe.

The beach is just outside the hotel and has a huge water park which is a lot of fun to play on. They also have a really nice indoor water park with a slide (nothing crazy)

The fishing is also really good, we generally kayak and catch a lot of crappie, bass, and catfish.

The cabin areas are really nice and have rooms with bunk beds for the kids. It’s air conditioned and has full plumbing/working shower and bathroom. There is also a full kitchen with some supplies.

It’s a great place to take a family vacation.


Ledges State Park

Ledges is an amazing place. It has so much to do. There are long trails to hike, creeks to play in.

You can bring your tent or RV and camp. The RV camps have water/sewer hookups. The primitive tent sites are usually pretty clean and can get pretty busy on the weekends.

There are lots of bridges that get flooded out and are fun to drive over. Most of the kids like to hang out near them and get splashed.

Its a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoors and especially in the fall. Also if you go to Ames stop at Great Plains pizza company.

Best little RV park

Kellogg RV Park

This is a little fun RV park right off the interstate. It doesn’t have much but it’s a nice place to take a break.

There is a gas/burger station right infringement of the RV park. You can get supplies and make your reservation there.

It’s pretty quiet there, there is a cool antique farm tractor and old gas station across the street to look at. There is also a small garden to hang out in and relax.

Overall if you are looking for a quick little place to stay in your RV this is it.

Country Camping

If you want to go out in the country and do some tent camping this is the place!

The lake has been drained and dredged and is slowly filling back up. It’s pretty spacious and has lots of room for tent camping. I wouldn’t bring an RV here.

There are bathroom facilities by the lake area and the camping area which is near the back.

The fishing here used to be really good with catfish, bluegill, bass. They do allow boats (electric motor only), kayaks and canoes. I haven’t fished here since they updated the lake.

There are hiking trails and one that goes to a back pond. There is a butterfly garden and playground for the kids to explore. There is also a shelter to have parties with picnic tables.

It’s nice that’s it’s been updated and cleaned up.

Rock Creek Rocks

Rock Creek is known for its crappie and large mouth bass fishing. The lake has lots of features like brush piles, vertical structures, mossy areas and you can go over by the bridge and fish the rocks. It’s a great place if you have a boat or kayak/canoe.

The camping is very nice. There are RV electrical sites available along with water/sewage. Most of them have tables also. The spots aren’t huge but there are lots of places to camp. On the weekends it’s pretty busy but during the weekday it empties out.

The tent camping side is really big also and it’s hardly ever filled up. You can reserve some spots right on the water and fish from your tent. Most all the sites have their own fire ring and some have tables.

There are lots of restroom facilities located around the lake that are pretty clean.

For activities you can go hiking, fishing, there is disc golf and there is a beach to go swimming in. Morel mushroom hunting is pretty popular here in the wood areas. They have grill pits to grill on and picnic tables through out the area. There are also some playgrounds for the little ones to play in.

I highly recommend this place.


Newton KOA

This is the primary location for camping in Newton. It’s right off interstate I-80 and is very close to the Iowa Speedway.

There are places to go tent camping but it’s primarily setup for rvs. The tent camping spots have a picnic table and fire pit.

The RV sports are pretty nice, most have the usual hookups. This place can get pretty busy when there is a race going on.

There is a creek in the back and some pretty easy hiking trails to explore. There is a fish cleaning station near the creek. They do also have a pond with bass and bluegill. They also have a pool by the office but it’s currently being painted.

Overall this is a pretty nice KOA and it’s very clean and maintained. You can hear the interstate but you get used to it.

It’s an adventure.

This is a great spot if you plan on staying in the area and want to go to Adventure Land or Prairie Meadows. There are lots of restaurants near by like Spectators and Jethro’s BBQ.

As far as the RV park goes it’s pretty busy, mostly small families and older folks. The lots aren’t very big and you are kind of packed in there. They have a swimming pool and a fishing pond. The office also has a little store to buy goods.

They do have a small area to tent camp in. I probably would stick go rv though. There are also comfort stations lol for showers and bathrooms.

They do also sell firewood and during July 4th Adventure land puts on a really great fireworks show.

Top of the line RV park

We got here and the staff and people are very friendly they keep it very clean and it’s nice and quiet. The lots are a nice size and have hookups for everything. There is a recreational building and bathroom facilities to use as well.

There is a really nice pond for fishing that has some bluegills. The water is very clean.

Overall this is really nice place. There is some construction going on with the new Facebook data centers but they aren’t very loud.

There is also a very nice bike trail right outside the park.


This is a really busy boat ramp but the campground is pretty big and open. The boat ramp is the closest one to mile long bridge. It also has a cleaning station and restroom available.

The campgrounds are very clean. There are lots of trails around the area.

It’s also a great place if you like to go horse back riding with lots of trails that go near the water.

There are camp hosts to help answer questions. There are also firewood bundles available to purchase for $4. The bathrooms and showers are very clean.

Camping near the water

Roberts creek is a great spot. It’s pretty much where all the crappie live. There is a boat ramp that gets you on the other side of the lake which is nice. It’s a great place to kayak or canoe. It’s a no wake side so you don’t see speed boats and such.

The campgrounds are kind of busy on the weekends but most have fire pits and they sell firewood for $5 a bundle. The lots aren’t very big but it’s ok. There are showers and bathrooms also. Water hooks up and dumpsters for trash.

There aren’t to many trails, there are more trails down by the water but it’s like deer trails.

There’s also a really cool disc golf course and playgrounds for the little ones.

Words can’t describe

But I’ll do my best. This place reminds me of a lazy river. There are electrical and primitive campgrounds. There are also primitive campgrounds out of the main area but close to the road. Most of the camping areas have fire pits and some have tables.

There are plenty of trails to hike and some really nice views of the prairies. You can bring a kayak/canoe to go on the water. There is also some pretty good fishing. Lots of bass and bluegill.

There are bathrooms with showers available and porta-potties in some campgrounds.

Make sure to bring bug spray. Overall it’s a nice place and pretty quiet most of the time.

It’s yuge

It’s a large park with lots of places to camp and hike. The lake right now is being restored but it’s looking like they will be done maybe by end of the summer. There are really nice bathrooms and even a tornado shelter. Lots of hookups for electrical sites.

There are playgrounds for the kids and shelter/picnic areas for day trips with the little ones. There are lodges available also.

There will be from the looks of it a place to rent boats and a nice beach to hang out. There was lots of boat ramps and places to put in if your on a kayak.

Great trails!

So with covid I couldn’t primitive camp but this place is huge and has lots to offer.

It’s got access to trails and to the Des Moines river. It’s a great little escape. There is a fishing pond that’s got plenty of bluegill and largemouth bass. There is a couple of docks and boat ramps. The boat ramp to the river though didn’t look in great shape. But if you kayak it’s probably fine.

It has lots of electrical sites as well. Baseball fields, lots of bathrooms (not open during covid) and some really nice group sites. For this review I’m just going to post stuff for the primitive camping.

Great Place

This is my favorite place to go hiking, kayaking, camping and fishing.

There is a half mile portage with a campsite on the river which you must call to reserve. The other campsites are $10.00 registration. They have porta potties around. Two places to launch kayaks. Most campsites have fire rings, picnic tables and trash bins. Some have grills. They also have firewood for sale or you can find enough wood around still. I didn’t see any water hookups so bring a filter or water. There is a Kum & Go up the road to get missing supplies.

The only downside of camping is you hear the interstate traffic but it’s minimal. The quiet hours are at 10:30pm and they have a gate which is closed at sunset when the park closes for non campers.

Lots of hiking trails and wildlife. The fishing is the best place for largemouth bass, bluegill, catfish. No swimming is allowed and only electric motors, no gas.

Check out their Facebook page for more updates and if you see me out there say hi!

Pretty happy

The campground has some very nice spots and wasn’t busy at all. The bathroom at the campground doesn’t have plumbing and no water available so make sure to bring plenty of water. There is a small park to play at for kids.

There are a couple of hiking trails in the park that are maintained. One goes to a creek and a bird watching station. There is also a orienteering course but you have to walk in the woods to finish it.

The observatory that’s open on Saturday’s (except the 1st Saturday) was awesome and the astronomers were great people and very knowledgeable. They showed how their telescopes worked and took us a tour of the building and classroom. The bathrooms at the observatory had plumbing and were very clean.

All in all it was a great campsite, not really anyone there and we had a lot of fun on the trails and the observatory.

Best little park

Great place to go tent camping, very clean and quiet. They sell firewood bundles for $5. Easy trails for the kids to go hiking and playing in the creek to cool off in the heat. There is even a pond for fishing that you can take a trail from the campsite to. 100% going to go back and camp again.