Full campground? Audible to primitive!

Honestly, I tend to be terrible at planning things so 75% of the time I just wing it and hope for the best. As is with most cases, the campgrounds in National Parks are booked and congested and I found that to be the case with this location. After a quick conversation with the Ranger at the entrance of Bryce Canyon, he suggested primitive camping just outside the park that was accessed immediately before the Bryce Canyon National Park sign. The other option was a site just outside the park, of $32.00 a night?! No thanks. Avoid the crowds and get dirty. There are countless sites available to choose from, giving you the rare opportunity to pick and choose what best fits your wants and desires. Again, you'll be primitive camping so ensure to bring the essentials, plenty of water, first aid kit, proper attire, etc. Even if you do space and forget a thing or two, you're just outside of "town" where you can purchase nearly anything although it might be a bit over-priced. If your girlfriend complains there aren't toilets or showers, you can simply make the short trek into the park where these amenities are provided.

Holy stars.

I actually camped primitivly on a turn off a few miles before reaching Hole in the Rock. I can't believe there aren't any reviews because if you want to truly experience the outdoors and seclusion, look no further. There are countless options for one to set up camp and if you'd like, you can get out to where you won't see another soul except for free range cattle. Preparation is CRUCIAL out here though being that you are in the middle of no where. Please ensure you pack enough water, food, have a spare tire/jack, first aid kit, proper attire, GPS because cell service is a no go, and whatever else you'd normally pack out. If something goes wrong, make it easy as possible for yourself right?

True beauty is to be found here though. There are numerous attractions within Grand Staircase, let alone the fact that the surrounding area is littered with other National and State parks.

Convenience at it's finest

This was the first stop on a three night road trip and what a great location if you're looking for comfort. Red Ledge RV park offers everything from grass sites for tents, Wi-Fi, amazingly hot showers, a propane grill free to campers, fire pits, and even a hot tub! Gail is who assisted us upon check in and was extremely inviting, providing some history about the area. We also had the opportunity of meeting a gentleman named Scott who gave us an antler from a buck he'd found himself! Because we had mentioned we wanted to go looking for sheds and inquired about when and where were the best places to go.

If you're looking for seclusion, I would recommend looking else where as the site is extremely small. That being the one downfall, I would highly suggest stopping by if you're interested in hiking Kanarra Falls. Comfortable and even better staff!

Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort

…is actually where I stayed although this app apparently hasn't added this to their map. Just outside Zion National Park, this resort has absolutely everything you'll need. ATV, horseback, rock climbing, and even canyoneering tours are available. With that being said, it's a given campers will have access to running water and astoundingly clean showers as well. The staff were all extremely welcoming and I certainly recommend this resort for solo up to large groups as well, being that large numbers can easily be accommodated for.

Go after rain

It's a beautiful campground and a short distance from Zion National Park. Unfortunately when I went, I believe the water was being redirected for agricultural use because the water was fairly stagnant, being that the stream was essentially dried up. The campsites are fairly spacious though, accessible by paved roads. Each site also comes with a fire pit, in addition to having a covered "dining" area as well. Biggest downfall for me was no available showered, although each site does have access to running water.

Remote, just the way camping should be

I don't understand how this isn't more popular. The geography here is unlike any I've seen anywhere else and my girlfriend and I were essentially the only people out there, with the exception of two other couples utilizing campers. Well, in addition to the ranger who informed us the temperaturewould drop into the high teens, being that we ventured here back in March. There was wood offered to campers, based on an honor system where you paid for the amount one needed. The ranger we spoke with was extremely nice and informative. The best part was the bathrooms which were impeccably spotless. Avoid the crowds that National parks get and enjoy this gorgeous campsite/hiking area!

Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef is a hidden gem, much less foot traffic than Bryce Canyon, let alone Zion. Here you can find petroglyphs, stunning geography, and everything from easy to strenuous hikes. Personally, I highly recommend Hickman's Arch. Check it out, there's a lot of great history to be offered!

Mather Point Campground

I consider myself some what ocd when it comes to preparing for camping trips, although on this occasion, of all things to forget, the tent was left behind! That's all part of the adventure though, right? Great location, close to the rim of the canyon, convienent bathrooms although the shower was a bit of a walk from the campsite. How can you complain about having access to a shower though when camping? Overall, great experience.