Rustic but charming

Close to the road but kinda charming. Strong wifi and cell service, good laundry and bathrooms/showers. Level spots.

Free dirt lot

Enough att cell service to work remote


Pretty cool spot. You won't be alone but it has great views. 4-5 bars with AT&T.

Cactus forest indeed

Really cool place tucked away felt like a cactus tunnel and you can't beat free. Cell service was spotty to non existent.


Tons of space out here and decently level. Full bars on my cell service.


The black dirt and yellow grass make this a magical place to wake up. Cell service was good enough that I stayed parked here for the work day. Only 4 RV accessible sites but there was no one else here the Thursday night I stayed.

Pretty gnarly

Easy to miss pulloff and extremely rough road. I was able to get a 24ft class C up and off the road a bit but was definitely nerve racking. Didn't look like there were more than 2 or 3 spots but we didn't go too far back because of the road.

Good spot

Close to the road but not too bad. A few open areas for RVs and more pulloffs on the side which according to the sign are off limits but there were plenty of people around breaking that rule so probably not a big deal.

Good spot

Cool view of the city at night and good spot to catch the sunset. Roads weren't bad at all for a 24 ft class c.

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