Westley M.

Louisville, KY

Joined May 2018

Easy-peasy Indian Creek

fastest/easiest to navigate campsite within the red. large open plain, big enough to play various sports, let your dogs run around, sun bathe, etc. no set tent sites, which i like because there are plenty of places to set up a tent and be away from your neighbors although privacy is limited since it's essentially a large field near a creek. plenty of found wood for kindling. lots of trails along the creek for easy waking/hiking. not too far from the suspension bridge. this campsite has clear view of the sky's and no campground lights/ no light pollution. great for moon/star gazing. this is a great campsite for families, young and old, and perfect for an easy camping experience. probably not suited for those wanting a more primitive and forest heavy camping experience. i've camped here 4 times in the last five years and it has been nice to see the way the creek has shaped the land.

campground was full

we stayed here the night of the solar eclipse 2017, all lots were full even though not everyone had a reservation tag :( so we paid but then couldn't find a spot because of free loaders. so, i did what any mom would do that had a tired kid he needed to get out of the car and go to sleep- i set up camp at the picnic area. for the record this is NOT allowed but we literally had nowhere else to go and had already paid, and by that time it was around 10:30pm and we had been driving for 5 hours. even though we were in a technically restricted area, soon other campers came to join us and we had a pleasant stay. we were not bothered or asked to move so that's a plus, and we got a full refund the next day when i told them what happened.