Victoria S.

Coral Springs, FL

Joined November 2020

Nice hideaway

My girlfriend and I wanted to do the spur of the moment camping trip and so, while we were driving from the east side of south Florida we tried calling multiple campgrounds to find which had last minute availability for a 7:30 pm check-in. This campground was the first to answer the phone number listed on this app. The lady that answered was very nice and explained they had electricity and showers and that there were still tent sites available. The latest time you can check in is 9:00 pm and check out time is lax so we weren’t told a specific time.

Once arriving to the campground all we had to do was call a number to unlock the gate and then we paid for our camp site while we were in the car. After we paid, we were escorted to our camping site by a gentleman on a four wheeler.

The camping cite has a grill and electricity but we couldn’t find any water pump. But we brought water so we were fine. We were on a site next to the bathroom which also has showers, so it was easily accessible. There is a good amount of space for each site. You can definitely play some music at a low volume without disturbing anyone else. Another great aspect of this location is your ability to see all of the stars. There are no towns close by so the light pollution is low.

We are in November now and the weather is in the 70s during the day and 60s at night so the mosquitoes are not bad, but they are still present. Having a bottle of bug spray and maybe a fogger will do just fine in this weather.

Overall I am so happy with this campsite and it was perfect for what we were looking for.