Victoria F.

Thornton, CO

Joined June 2018

awesome water access!

we loved it! other than the Neighbors being so close by it was amazing. we had really close water access.we stayed at #11 so cool I think it had the best amount of tree shade available and cuz we were so close to the Stream the dogs had a blast we even went fishing and found a honey hole I caught 9 fish in an hour. it was cool to watch all the cars drive-thru the stream Crossing access to the other side where there were more campsites. it really was so much fun it was super easy to walk down and Upstream with the dogs and they had plenty of places to stop and have some safe swimming without being pulled up or Downstream.

beautiful creek

it was awesome! the dogs loved the was quiet and beautiful.we stayed at site #41 rite by the entrance after you cross the bridge.not a lot of shade so our coleman canopy came in handy.also it helped to keep the bugs out.the creek made beautiful sounds for the whole stay.we had a great time just relaxing.

Beautiful trees

Campsite campsite 9 10 11 and 8 are good there's a little bit of road noise if your towards the entrance but the Aspens and the Ponderosa Pines are well worth the view hiking trails great place we stayed in August

Loud beetles

This place had good views close to a water scenery area it was nice weather when we went at the end of the season September not so windy and it was a easy close Drive the cons are there's a shooting area close by so you hear gunshots and The Beetles and bugs are super loud!

Awesome water views

I like this campsite a lot there was lots of nice views but I did hear traffic noise. It was a clean easy Drive nice people the bathrooms have shower and power you could unload your boat there to the lake and the bugs weren't too bad at all number 88 B was awesome!

Beautiful campground

We love the creek the dogs loved it beautiful place good camping. There was lots of room for the dogs the campsite was also very easy to back into it was well maintenanced clean. And lots of trees I was able to hang my hammock for beautiful resting view of the trees!

Okay campsite

We we went to this campsite because it's my boyfriend's last name so we had to was okay nothing special the campsite was super Rocky the table and fire pit were up a hill of rocks you had to climb so it was very inconvenient we ended up hanging out by our camper.

Good place to camp

You can fill up your RVs water tank at this location! Town is real close by like 6 miles. Great bike paths hang out areas. And the sound of the creek is nice. I've camped there twice and love it! We took the bikes and explored we also took the dogs for a bunch of little mini hikes to Tire them out the Water Creeks were easily accessible with a short hike. We've been here before and we definitely will be back.