This is a free campground on one of the county's public lakes. Spots are first come first serve, primitive, and lack amenities. Toilets are winterized. The campground is not far from town, the lake road is frequented by road cyclists, and mostly this is a spot frequented by locals.

RV lot

This RV park is tucked under a few trees which keep the spots shaded. Its just off the highway, so expect traffic noise.


This campground was much needed after a week of camping in dispersed sites. Campsites are on the cliff overlooking Lake Meredith, which is currently less than half full. Each site has two picnic tables, a grill, a large fire ring, and an awning. There are four private bathrooms with a shower in each. This campground may get winterized during the cold months.

Rough drive up

The campground is very clean, sites can be reserved in advance or are first come if a reservation hasn't been made. There are plenty of areas to camp alongside the road on the drive in if you don't have a reservation and the campground is full. This campground will be closed at the end of September 2020. Each campsite is a little different than the next, but they all have a gravel tent pad, table, fire ring, and pole to hang lanterns or trash. The campground has vault toilets and a dumpster. There is a trailhead to the lake, lots of mountain biking, and very clean.


This campground is NOT accessible by vehicle if the road is wet.. There are four designated sites, three overlook the canyon and one is intended for those with horses. There is a vault toilet. This campground is at the Picket Wire Canyonlands trailhead, which boasts the largest dinosaur track site in North America. Each campsite has a fire ring, but keep in mind the canyon is subject to burn bans. It is very rocky, so if your tent is on the ground you would probably be happier with some kind of padding. The vault toilet was the cleanest I have ever encountered. The sites are first come first serve. Keep in mind, there was a lot of parking available, so it is possible overflow camping may not be frowned upon so long as you stay in the parking areas.

Probably not intended for camping.

There is a vault toilet and cattle corrals here. I'm not sure it is an intended spot for camping, but if the road to Withers canyon is closed because of rain, I'm sure its reasonable to camp here. I recommend driving the extra six miles to the Withers canyon campground, but keep in mind that road isn't passable when wet.

A place to park

RV Park had your typical hookups. Its really just a parking lot behind a structure that has about a dozen spots available, adjacent to the highway. Privacy and quiet would not describe this RV park.


As with many campgrounds in Kansas, this state fishing lake boasts camping without charge. There are five designated primitive tent spots with fire rings and tables. No RV spots, no electric, and no water. Two spots are at the entrance near the vault toilet and three spots are caddy corner on the back of the lake. You are responsible for removing your trash, the fields are well maintained, and of course you can fish. There are two docks and you can drop a boat in the small lake. There is a lot of noise from the working silos, railroad, and highways.

Not bad if you're a weary traveler

This really is a city park. One which boasts some really great park amenities- baseball diamonds, playgrounds, pool… There are four RV pads with electric hook up across from the baseball diamond, next to the restrooms. I really wouldn't recommend the campground for tents. There is no privacy and a housing community backs up the RV pads. The town seems pretty hip though, so if you are in town, explore the business district.

Clean and tranquil as well

This side offers many of the same amenities as the east side. Camgrounds are very clean, quiet, and offer privacy. Close to hiking/mtb trails and the west side has showers.

Clean and tranquil

This campground has one of the simplest, user friendly, online reservation site I've ever used. For me, thats a definite plus. The tent sites are massive, equipped with a table, fire ring, grill, and parking. Four sites are near the swim area (9-12), site 9 and 10 are nearest to the toilets - which are clean, sites 1-8 are tucked back in the woods a little. There are RV hookup sites on the inside of the campground loop. Amenities include a playground, hiking/mtb trails, swim area, fishing dock, and a bait shop. Day use fee is 6$, overnight tent fee is 10$. This area is subject to burn bans and showers are located at the west campground.

Like camping at a water park, without the slides

Completely primitive. There are showers and flushing toilets available, but for the most part you're accessing portables. The previous review regarding rules, or a lack thereof, is relatively accurate. It would be a fun place to spend a couple days if you were lucky enough to pick days the park isn't very crowded. It is quite a shame the level of preservation and care allotted to the environment. People couldn't be bothered to properly dispose of their waste, female hygiene products were in the water at the falls, soiled diapers stuffed into bushes, and waste was everywhere except in the bathrooms which were surprisingly clean. This place is definitely for the "party" camper.

Improved for the RV

These sites are clean and improved. The area is crowded as it has amenities for RV campers. Sites have electric and water hook-ups.

ADA with a view

Sites overlook the lake, but there isnt swim access. There is a bathroom and showers, fire rings, concrete tables, and an ADA site. This area also has a shelter and was much cleaner than other campgrounds in the park.

Good for families with small children

Campgrounds boast a variety of concrete tables, fire rings, and grills. There is a park host, who sells fire wood. Campground also has a small playground appropriate for young children. The bathroom is clean and has a shower, but is dark.

Party lake and bathroom of horror

We had the entire campground to ourselves, which we love, and since we were only passing through didnt pick a picturesque site. There are shelter areas and a bathroom with showers. The sites have fire rings, concrete tables, some have grills and bars to hang stuff on. Since we showed up on a Sunday, trash was everywhere, so this campsite is lacking in cleanliness and there is not a park host. Bathrooms were terrifying. They are not maintained beyond replacing toilette paper, which may be a once a month thing. Stalls were missing doors, the showers didn't turn off completely, it smelled of mildew, and the spiders. The spiders were territorial, guarded the toilets and entryways, and probably ate small birds and kittens. If you have an issue with spiders, I recommend dehydration and starvation. Just kidding…but not totally. Overall, its beautiful here. Could have been a lot cleaner.

Primitive and quiet

There are several areas to set up camp, each area has different advantages: proximity to vault toilets, picnic tables, privacy… The area is easy to navigate and sites are lakeside.

Super clean and chill

Took a detour on our road trip to visit this park. There are tent sites, RV sites, and yurts available. Tent sites don't have electric and approximately half dont have water. Sites are equipped with fire ring, grill, and concrete tables. The park has some fantastic trails, just get someone taller than you walk ahead to clear the spider webs. There are playgrounds, a volleyball net, horseshoe setups, and paved walking paths.

Serene and rugged

This park has a variety of campsites available- hike in, walk in, and RV. Hike in sites are approximately a mile from parking and are primitive. The walk in sites are also primitive, but are a short walk from parking down a hill into a grassy field alongside the river. Some sites are tucked under large shade trees, which offers privacy, and some are near the river or in the open field. There is only an outdoor shower, compost toilets, and there is not phone signal at the bottom of the canyon. The area boasts several miles of trails, the park claims these are some of the best mountain biking trails in the state. Trails are rocky and mostly intermediate at best, key sites like Gorman Falls would be challenging for people prone to injuries or who are unfit. There are also springs that can be waded in and the park is very pet friendly.


The state park boasts several lakes, a mountain bike trail, views, playgrounds in the day use area, and many campsites. There is a RV area at Lea Lake, which is half reserved and half first come. There are tent pads in that area also, showers and flushing toilets are there also. If you are tent camping you are missing out if you stay at lea lake, camp in the primitive areas around the smaller lakes. They are isolated, and have abundant wildlife. Vault toilets are nearby, nasty venomous spiders hide in the vaults but like all unpleasant creatures they dont like the light, so take a flashlight. If you come with pops you should consider footwear for them, the goat heads prevent them from going off road otherwise.