Nice well shaded campground

Very nice and large campground. Lots of trees and shade. Very busy on weekends. Camp sites are huge. A few hiking trails nearby. Vault toilets only, no showers or other facilities. Definitely a good weekend get away if you are in the area.

Small campground with little to do

Small campground, maybe 20 spots. Open space campground and hot. No trees or shade. Campground is clean with really nice bathrooms that have showers. Not much to do other than look for rocks, and only 1 small hiking trail.

Nice campground, tough to get to

Nice open campground next to ancient cliff dwellings. Excellent night sky with a night sky program on the weekends. Gets very cold at night at this location. Campground is tough to get to and requires at least 13+ miles of unpaved road travel, however, a car can make it. Check with the Rangers first before coming to ask which roads are open and accessible. Don't follow the directions on your gps, they specifically have warnings against it on their park website.

Lesser known area of the Smokies

Great area to have an adventure and get away from all the tourists visiting the Smokies. A few local campgrounds around with good hiking trails and access to the Appalachian trail. Great area to see the fall leaves. Definitely a great place to spend a week with the family. If you manage to get bored or want to get out of town, you can always drive a little further south to the main areas of the Smokies where you can find everything you could imagine.

Very scenic and remote

Very clean campground with excellent scenery all around. There is easy access to major hiking trails right within the campground. The campground fills up fast as it is one of Colorado's top camp grounds because of its beauty. You will be able to see tall mountains, a crisp lake and green meadows all from your campsite. The campsites are located in the woods so there is some privacy. The nearest town is Silverton, and everything is marked up on price there, so bring a good amount of supplies before you arrive. Showers cost extra money. The road to get to the area can be a little rough, but most cars can make it if they drive slow. Make sure you look online as to the opening and closing season dates, because it usually opens later due to the higher elevation in which it is located. Definitely worth the trek if you have the time.

This is a must visit!

Medium size campground with clean facilities and showers. The campground is located in an area with a lot of mosquitoes and raccoons that steal stuff as soon as you walk away, so bring tons of bug spray and put your food away even if you just walk to th ed bathroom. This place has miles of gorgeous large white sand beaches, clear water, excellent sunsets, decent fishing, bird watching, kyaking and sea turtle conservation. I'd visit this place year round if I could. The town is about 20 minutes away and you can get supplies and good food there as well.

Beautiful area but extremely small and crowded

This place is usually on everyone's list that is driving through the Florida Keys. Absolutely gorgeous, especially during low tide. However, the island is only 1 mile in length and 1000 ft wide…needless to say it's croweded…constantly. Great white sand beaches with crystal clear water. Decent amount of marine life around for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are major rip currents thar occur on the south side during low tide because of all the water is being sucked through the bridge. Cool place to take a kayak out to explore the area. Campground is busy and small. Campsites are small because the island is so small; so don't expect a lot of privacy. Great place to camp though if you do get a chance. There is a bathhouse as well. Bring enough supplies to where you don't have to go to the store because it takes a while to get to one.

Must visit to see the Moonbow

Great state park with cool waterfalls. What makes this place special and a must see event is the ability to see a Moonbow from the waterfall. The only other places I'm aware this happens is Victoria Falls in Zambia, Africa and Niagara Falls. A Moonbow is a rainbow at night formed from a full Moon's glow. So to see this event you have to go on a full Moon clear night. The campground is very nice with easy access to all the waterfalls and hiking trails. Can be quiet busy when a Moonbow time is approaching so be prepared for a lot of people during those times. Great place to spend a weekend though regardless of whether you get to see the Moonbow or not.

Good campground for the area, but I prefer others

Nice area, and probably one of the best areas in central New Mexico. I however prefer the areas more to the north of the state. This campground is clean, cheap and right on the lake. The amount of people varies. Good place to chill or swim. There is a place to launch boats as well, but the lake itself isn't all that big. I've seen people dish there before, but never seen anyone catch anything. Isn't too much to do around the area, and basically would just make a nice weekend trip if you were in that area.

Nice day trip

Very relaxing place for a day trip. Busy with locals nearly year tound. Good place to boat and fish. Great place to take a family camping. Good scenery with lots of open space. Lots of mosquitoes during certain times of year.

Good substitute to Mather Campground

Great wooded campground near the grand canyon that is less crowded than mather campground. Lots of elk and deer in the area. Gets you away from the tourists and visitors of the grand canyon.

Must visit! Can be expensive to get to.

Amazing park teaming with underwater wildlife. Make sure you plan your trip well because this park can be expensive to get to. It's a must see park and very secluded. Bring your snorkeling/diving gear and an underwater camera. Amazing sunsets. Can't say enough good things about this park. Make sure you don't go during hurricane season! Small camping area, maybe 10 sites and all walkup, but because the park is so remote you are guaranteed a place to camp if you show up.

Busy but surreal experience

Campground is always packed, try to make reservations if you can. Some sites are walkup. Amazing views and definitely a place you need to visit. A creek runs through the area and is a great place to play in. Cool place to sand board as well.

Beautiful area that's less crowded than pagosa springs

Great area to stay outside of Pagosa Springs! Good views with a up kept campground. Less people, larger sites and more secluded than the Pagosa campgrounds. My kind of place! Temperatures as well as opening and closing dates can vary.

Clean campground, fun rockhounding

Campground is clean with excellent bathroom facilities. Very few campsites. Fun place to rockhound. Nothing else really around the area. Two small hiking trails with a small view. They sell firewood there you can buy. Not sure what you would do if you stayed more than 2 days. Good night sky.

Cool state park, no frill campground

Great state park to visit for a day. Campground is decent but no frills. Some small hiking trails around. Playgrounds for kids. Other than that not much else around or to see.

Amazing views

Great place for views and not too over crowded. Can be secluded and awesome date place. Temperature fluctuations can happen throughout the day by 20° or more. Storms czn pop up and bring heavy rain and wind to this area so be prepared. Sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking from this area.

Spectacular place with little to do around it

Campground is good sized and clean but difficult to get in to. The cave itself is spectacular, however outside of that there really isn't anything else to do around this campground. It's busy pretty much every weekend but week days aren't too bad. Definitely worth staying at fir at least one night just to check out the cave.

Good get away spot for a day or two

Campground on a beautiful lake with scenic views and easy hiking trails nearby. Campground is well kept and clean. Nice beach for kids to play at. Good place for boating and fishing. Not much else in the immediate vicinity.

Nice area to visit, lots of mosquitos

Beautiful place to visit with excellent beaches and scenery. Bring alot of bug spray as there are tons of mosquitos.