Lovely River Spot

Nice, quiet campground on Lower Deschutes.

Here is what you need to know: 

- last half mile into camp are rocky and bumpy. Low clearance cars/motos, use caution

- water from pump takes a little work to get started, but once going is plentiful and tasty

- overnight trains are going to startle you at first

- can be very windy at night, make sure to stake your tent

- very clean vault toilets and dumpsters

- pick up after yourselves and leave this place cleaner than you found it please


Quiet, relaxing

Lovely spot on Clear Creek. Good trail and creek access.

A few key details: not many bugs, you better like cows, single vault toilet, bring TP, PACK OUT YER DANG TRASH, leave this place cleaner than you found it, check FS website for seasonal fire regulations. 

This is a quiet campground, probably best to leave your subwoofer and large parties at home. Cows are free range here - make sure you filter/boil water from the creek.

SERIOUSLY - you need a high clearance vehicle

Very pretty, isolated spot. 

Google will tell you to drive in from North - this won't get you to the CG. You gotta approach from the South. 

You MUST have a high-clearance 4x4. The worst stretch of road is narrow with steep wall on one side and steep drop on the other. You will not be able to turn around.

TIP: From turn onto Keeps Mill road at hwy 216, set your trip odo and drive in and stop at mile 2.7. Then get out of your vehicle and continue on foot so that you can check out the road. There are big rocks, ruts, and lots of off camber. If you are in a raised 4x4 or on a dirt-bike, you'll be fine.