Trisha P.


Glendora, CA

Joined September 2020

Love this place!

My first backpacking trip was with my brother and husband and we went to little Jimmy campground. It was awesome!! The hike is less than 3 miles and the first mile is uphill. I did ok but I did take many breaks because I overloaded my backpack with unnecessary items. The hike is great though. Once you wind up at little Jimmy it was really a welcomed site. We looked around for a good site and found one quite secluded up a hill. The only problem was the wind at night. Good trees for a hammock too. The site is a short trail to the little Jimmy springs which was so tasty!!! I am yurning to go back. I can't wait!

Convenient but crazy

Mind you, we went on a Saturday morning during Covid to escape our house but so many others had the same idea. First of all the gates for the campsites were locked but that didn't stop anyone from walking their stuff in, including us. Our spot was nice and had lots of shade. The only drawback was the one open vault toilet that was pretty dirty. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go. I thought, dang I shouldn't brought my poop bucket!! If I only would've known!! Who can't pop a squat in the dark though?! It was pretty rowdy at night with someone yelling at the top of their lungs and a dog barking but hey, we were under the stars and not couped up at home or with masks on. I wasn't complaining. I love nature and I'll ignore the drunks. Other than that, there is a little store that Adam and his family run. They are great!! The brownies are bomb, so get one early. They also tent cabins up there so give them a call. Great people! It's definitely convenient and worth the effort!

Nice escape during Covid!

This is a great campground near Big Bear lake. It's down a fun dirt road that my Explorer had no problem with. My 11 year old son was beside me holding on for dear life as I cracked up with joy! Who doesn't love hauling butt down a dirt road?! Low profile cars will make it in good weather, just go slow! The campground was filled with trees and its close to a trail that we took the kids on. Toilets weren't bad at all and the camp host was nice. I will definitely go back.

Camping next to a creek

This is a great little campground. This is right up hwy 39, which is a quick getaway for us to do a 1 night trip. We absolutely love this place. I would give it 5 stars, but the toilets stopped me! Take your own TP and prepare for the worst. It's still doable though for a little gem of a campground. We are sad that they're closed right now during covid because i could use a quick getaway. Hopefully it'll be open soon.