Good stop for a night

This campground is tucked away off a side road from highway! It’s a pretty low key campground with more permanent homes. The spots are close together and not a lot of privacy but we were just passing through for the night so it was fine for us! Close to the town where MSU is!

They had 2 showers that had hot water, no laundry

The lady who checked us in was nice and showed us to our spot!

Great stop for a night or two

This RV park was a great stopping point for our travels back east.

The grounds are off a somewhat busy route, so if parked in front row you can head cars a little bit it’s not bad.

The spots are all paved with a nice sectioned off patio spot. There seem to be some more permanent rvs here

It was very quiet during the day and even in the evening. There’s no tree coverage really so the spots are pretty open but they have a fair amount of spacing in between each spot for some privacy

Felt very safe here

The fixtures are new too

Would def come back for another night or two if making my way west again

About an hours drive to Dallas

Chad the general manager was around walking the grounds. He came over to say hi and let us know even though the general store is closed, we could find on the grounds or use a number listed to call him. We were a little late on checkout but he came over to say no rush and let us know about the 3 mile hiking trail he has around the property!

Great spot for the night

Emily I believe, checked me in and was super sweet and easy to work with. She let us pic our own spot!

The rv park itself is right off highway which is good and bad. A little noisy but not bad for easy access after long day of driving

They have all new laundry facilities (which are free to use!!) and new showers that look really nice

The spot itself also has nice hookups, the septic hole was clean and the power box seemed new

Great spot to go to!

Pretty good spot for a few nights !

This boondocking area was pretty good

Lots and lots of space

Drive down for about 3 minutes after entering the road and you’ll start seeing pull offs or roads to go down and those are fair game

I would def. recommend arriving in the day because and can be a little confusing in the dark trying to find a spot

The road was mainly fine, maybe a washboard here or there

I have a 24 ft van that’s not high clearance and made it down totally fine, just had to be picky where I pulled off into since some of the pull outs are high clearance needed or really rocky but there are so many places to choose from

Fine spot for a night

It’s pretty busy and the spots are located very close together so no privacy

The biggest negative for me was, usually I am boondocking and need a spot after 5 days of not hookups and no showers. So I booked this and was excited for a long shower however they give you a 6 minute token for the shower. If you want longer shower you have to pay 5$ for another token

Only reason why I find that somewhat cheesy is the spot was around 78$ for the night

The nice thing about the spot is it was very central to town so walking only took 10-15 mins to get into the main area

Probs wouldn’t come back but it was fine for what I needed in a quick last minute fix!

Good for a night

This place was fine to camp for a night or two

Pretty busy but it is peak season. Water and dump station when you pull in

Nothing really special

The only great thing is, if you have the spot for a few nights, you can walk to the visitor center and leave your rig parked in your spot, parking to get to the visitor center and shuttles fills up by 9/10 am and people wait up to 2 hours for a spot since the campground is inside the nat park

Great spot for a few nights

The road in says no camping but that’s referring to the immediate drive for about 2 mins in as there is a horse/mule ranch for tourists. Follow the road down and you’ll start to see pull offs where you can camp

The road down is a little rough, we have a 24 ft van that weighs a fair amount and it was fine. Just a good amount if washboards down

The road goes down for why seems like a few miles and the further back the further secluded it is

I would recommend a higher clearance van if going way back but again, mine did fine going down around 1 mile in

The little driveways where you can park can be rough depending on what you choose, and it is fairly rocky so chose your path wisely to not hurt your tires. We found a few spots that would work perfect for my type of van, but if you have a higher clearance you could def. go down a driveway pretty far

It’s very close to the entrance to the Grand Canyon national park so that made it super easy to get there for sunrise!

Felt pretty safe too

Great stop for one night

This place was great for a week after boondocking

Drinking water, free hot showers, and laundry on site! Close to town too which is nice to go get dinner

Amazing spots

This was a great spot to come to however it is very busy

I am new to this kind of camping, but the price on the app I believe is wrong. It’s first come first serve and you come in, drive around until you can find an open spot, claim it, and pay per vehicle. It was 15$ per vehicle for us.

To find a spot jusy look for the post next to each spot and it has a yellow tag that indicates the days the campsite is reserved and if it is up on the day you pull in, it should be fine. A lot of people will have it reserved with the yellow tag and also placing a table or some object in the driveway to show it’s taken.

This spot was super busy when we went and we luckily got the last spot and we came at 3 pm!! Get here as early as you can, ideally 12-1 would be a good time to hunt for a spot.

The bathrooms in our loop were super super clean, normal drop down toilets. Now showers or water so make sure you fill up before coming

Once you pay for the spot I believe you have full access to the mt. Biking trials and atv trails all inside the recreation area which is cool.

Each spot comes with a picnic table and fire ring but make sure to check the rules on fires during the time you come.

The road to get here is very steep up and windy for about 3 ish minutes and we made it up totally fine in a boldt sprinter van.

Free camping, busy sep-oct!

The road driving in is gravel and rocky but I have a 25 ft van with water tanks on the underside and I was totally fine (I always worry about bottoming out and I was fine). High clearance would be good if you want to go deep down into spots that are more rocky and sandy but if not you can find spots right along the road.

It is free, there are no designated spots for your rv. It’s kind of a free for all so if you don’t want someone to park next to you, set it up so you can have the most privacy. You can clearly see pull offs that are used

It was pretty quiet but very busy. If you come after 3pm a lot of the good spots are taken and then you have to squeeze in so get there early to grab a spot!!

Def will come back as it is completely free

Carry in carry out!!

Nice spot to stop for the evening

We were coming in a little late and they called us to check in which was nice. When we arrived a guy took us to our spot up a small hill to a back campsite area where the “lux” spots are. We had one with a hot tub and a grill which was really nice.

The spots are not super close but there is no tree coverage or shrubbery between them. Luckily it wasn’t full so we had some privacy in that way.

They have a laundry room which was well maintained and connected to a sort of game room with air hockey which we played while waiting for our laundry

Not much else to say, morning great or nothing bad really here

Probably gets fairly busy during the bike rally but we came off season so it was pretty quiet

Nice stop while traveling badlands

We didn’t have a reservation and pulled in and the person behind the front desk was easy and quick to work with and gave us a primo spot!

We were towards the end of the campground and had some nice views of the badlands, especially when the sun set.

Spots are fairly close together and it did fill up more towards the sun setting as people were finishing their travels through the badlands. It was fairly quiet all night. No tree coverage really and it gets really windy sometimes so the person behind the desk told us to not put our awnings out. Fires are only allowed when told because of how windy it can get

They have a nice little 1/4 mile loop through a grassy area near the back of the campground

Not sure what to say or rate

We pulled in at 830 pm and immediately noticed the few campers that were parked had no lights on. We could barely see where our spot was as There was no check in, you just go right to your spot. I typically like to check in and meet the people who run it to get a good layout and understand the vibe of the campground. We had site 12 I believe and we got a spooky vibe when we pulled up to it. It is literally 5 feet from a cabin that had huge window and a door that lead right to our driver side rv door. It just felt a little weird to have to hook up in the dark with no lights around us except our own headlamps and wonder if someone was inside watching us from their window. The spot was also very visible from the road so that also spooked us that people were driving by seeing us get ready next to a very dark cabin. Hind sight it was probably a fine campsite but I always say trust your instinct so we left. Something just felt slightly off, especially in the dark right next to a very long and dark cabin that anyone could have been in.

That being said, the ground was also fairly uneven and it is a very basic campground. It seems it was more for cabins and someone just decided to hookups and no picnic tables

I bet the views are nice and the people staying are probs great too! Again it just felt a little off so we left so I can’t honestly give this a fair rating

Not a bad spot for 2 nights

We came in on Sunday at check in time and it was wicked busy as 5 pm check in on Sunday’s is also 5 pm checkout. The spots are pretty level and paved however they are are fairly close to each other and there is no privacy between the spots around you. We don’t mind that however! The facilities are well taken care of and the people in the front office to answer questions and help with check in were really nice.

The only 2 issues I had with our spot (97) we were almost directly in-front of a large dumpster so all day people walk by and throw their trash in. And Monday morning at around 750 the dumpster service came around and that was very loud. Another issue with the campsite is there is a train near the state park. It runs all day it seems but especially in the morning you can hear it from 6 am onward. I don’t particularly mind it but it did wake me up a few times especially if you are tent camping or have pop outs.

The state park has a lot of trails through the swampy woods and out to the dunes which are really cool. Some are 5 miles long while others are .75. There is also a short walk to the actual lake which is nice as well.

All in all this state park is a 4/5! Great hiking trails, predominantly quiet besides the trash and train, friendly neighbors!

Great stop for 2 nights

This place is pretty cool. Almost all the spots have a water view even if you’re not super close you can still see a small portion of it. The road in the campgrounds is fine for the most part, a little bumpy. There is an entrance down a rocky driveway to get to the lakes sandy edge which is great to bring chairs down and watch the sunset. It is a little busy during the day as there are a lot of seasonal homes here but it gets pretty quiet at night.

Great spot for the night!!

We had a waterfront hookup ! So pretty especially in the morning with the sunrise. The road to get in was for the most part well taken care of. It was pretty quiet especially after quiet hours everyone was very respectful. It got really windy at night which was nice to keep the bugs away. Friendly neighbors as well. There’s a few steps down to a gravel beach and an expansive view of the delta lake. There were bathrooms in the middle of our loop which was great and easy to walk to and it was very clean. There is a water full station when you enter but there are also a couple water spigots in our loop.

Such a cute quiet camp spot!!

Loved this camp spot, would come back here again! We had a river spot with water and electric. There was a fire ring and a picnic table as well. It does fill up fast for Friday and Saturday night but we came for one night and booked it the night before for Sunday night. A lot of the campspots are cool but being by the river is so much fun. You can hear it running all night and it is so peaceful. We came mid September and I would assume that coming in the heat of the summer it would be really buggy esp by the river. It was super quiet. We could barely hear anyone and the spots were pretty separated. Would come back here again for a fall weekend!

Cute family rv area

This RV area was great for families, there were a lot of kids which was nice and it felt very safe. Checking in was super easy and the lady that helped us was super sweet and informative. We had wood delivered to our campground and the guy who delivered the wood it was really nice as well. There were a lot of large parties that can get a little bit loud but quiet hours are 10 o’clock and it settles right down. We have just gotten a new camper van and wanted to test it out and this was a great spot to start. Super easy full hook ups!