Trevor F.

Denver, CO

Joined June 2018

Lots of room

There are a ton of spots, but be careful and make sure they're approved. We stopped at one that had a fire ring made from rocks but it wasn't 100' from water. we parked at night so we didn't see the  sign that said it wasn't a legal camping spot, then the next day we got a ticket from a park ranger. It was our fault but just thought I should mention it so others don't make the same mistake. There were several other spots, we just liked the location of this one.  Anyway, tons of tree cover, streams, trails, wild flowers etc. There was also a decent amount of traffic from other campers and off road vehicles/ATV's but if you go farther up the road and then find a spot a little farther from the road, it wont be a big deal.

Great for large groups

We stayed at this campground a few years ago and got a group site. We had about 6 tents set up and there was room for a whole bunch more. It made for a really fun rafting and camping trip! The campground has bathrooms but I think there was a small fee for the showers. Dogs were allowed and fires are allowed as long as there's no burn ban in effect. The site we had included a giant picnic shelter as well. Besides that it's pretty open and Rocky with some cacti scattered around.