Gorgeous but some sites are swamps

This is one of the most picturesque state parks in Maryland. One big problem, though, was that the site we had was all swamp. We had to pitch our tent in the driveway, so we couldn’t stake it down. The light house and area has some neat history though.

Prepare for wind

It is really neat to be able to camp right on the sand dunes and by the beach but prepare for lots of wind. Check the weather a lot because the storms roll in quickly. Facilities are simple but fine enough. The stars are night sky are gorgeous if it is clear. It can get pretty cold so be prepared for that.

Better in the spring and fall

If you want to camp in the spring or fall, camp on the bayside. There will be less mosquitoes that time of year but the wind from the ocean isn’t as intense as on the Oceanside so it’s a bit warmer. Prepare for some gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. The facilities are simple but fine. The showers are turned off during offseason but you can still use the spring outside. Ponies are a bit more calm on this side.

Great site for families

This site has some really nice cabins. You can drive right up to the cabin and park. You will have full amenities and lots of room, depending on which cabin you choose. There are big lodging cabins for large groups. There are great trails all around the lake, dam, and old historic sites. Generally very well kept. Most notable part of the campsite is the staff. They are sooooo friendly and knowledgeable. Great to talk to and helpful all the time.

Glamping at its peak

If you want to camp with full amenities- this is a good fit. The facilities are clean and provide hot water, electricity, showers, flushing toilets. There is a visitors center with soda, maps, info, firewood, etc. There is even a cafe on site. You are walking distance to the beach and could even camp on the dunes. Walk in sites and RV sites available. If it’s peak season, be prepared for A LOT of people. Many kids and families. Of course, be prepared for the ponies. They are neat and beautiful but they are also wild animals. They will walk right through your site and won’t care if they bother you. They will eat your food if they can get to it. They will also poop in huge piles. Bring lots of bug spray cause the mosquitoes and horse flies are terrible.


There are some really beautiful sights at this campground. Be prepared for a rocky and long drive in. You won’t have much signal and there might be an echo of voices from all the open space. The stars are great and the lakes are really neat. Lots of bats!