Lakewood, NJ

Joined September 2020

Not bad

I liked the layout of the campsites they give you just enough space that you’re not right on top of one another.

The bathrooms are super outdated but the place is not expensive so that’s not a real complaint.
Dead bugs and cobwebs All over the bathroom and no soap for washing your hands.

Seems like it would be a great place for people who bring their horses camping with them. Lots of woods and trails and shade it was pleasant.


I gave this place a 5 star rating because they deserve it this place is really nice. The bathrooms are super clean and the visitor center was super interactive it was like a museum. I wish I got to explore the area more, it looks gorgeous!

Beware of using the pin that is dropped on the DYRT app. for directions!! It took us 45 minutes down a long dirt road at night that was on the complete opposite side on the lake and then it told us to “prepare to park your vehicle and walk to the destination” thankfully we had cell service so we googled the address and used that method.

What a pleasurable stop

We called ahead because we knew we wouldn’t be getting there till 1030 at night and the man said pick any spot we wanted and fill out a envelope and slip it in the trust box. Friendly staff, in the morning we met more of them and they were all wonderful. Unbelievably clean showers and bathrooms. About 1 mile from the famous buried Cadillac art attraction. The neighboring campers were all friendly some of them seem like they stay there long term and they were super friendly. All-around great campground. 

Definitely a top 10!

We pulled in at night on a weekend so there were quite a few other people camping along the edge of this vast darkness. We didn’t know what to expect. When the sun started to rise we never looked to the left or the right again. The other campers were of no concern, we could not take our eyes off the amazing view that we didn’t know was coming with the morning light. We were about 30 feet from the next camper, but if we were squished in their shoulder to shoulder it wouldn’t even matter the view is breathtaking!!!

The only thing I could say wasn’t convenient: there are no bathrooms and absolutely no privacy so I hope you have a way to use the bathroom and make it a private activity. 

Not free

Disregard that review that say “Free”, it’s $15. It’s a great spot if you’re passing through I guess. There is a pretty river flowing past. We went fishing and caught a tiny catfish. It’s a decent place. However I’m not into parking lot camping and that’s what it is. There are no trees.

BATHROOMS WERE THE WORST IVE EVER SEEN. I wouldn’t even expect that at a free campground. And trash was scattered everywhere. My whole group wondered what the money goes towards, definitely not maintenance.


Many closed signs posted

BEST SITE IN 3weeks!

We have been traveling and paying for camp sites as well as using free dispersed camping. THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST IN 3 WEEKS ACROSS THE USA. We went back to this site a week after staying here and got married here! It’s a special spot with spectacular views!

Nice place

The description really caught us off guard and it’s pretty wrong. 30 ft max length No reservations HOWEVER you do have to pay a $16 fee which isn’t a reservation but make sure you do that.

They close earlier than posted

We drove 14 hours to get here and they were closed before 9 pm Sept 14, 2020 very disappointing and dishonest if you ask me. Turned us away without somewhere to sleep AFTER DARK.