Very small sites

Super close to everyone. Also weird how many Porta-podies right across every site. Lots of people. Kinda expensive.


Right off the 101.

Closed 2021 Season

Great camp ground surrounded by sequias

Camp provides showers, bathrooms, water, trash/recycling, fire rings and benches. The spots are very large. They take reservations as drive up day of (if they have space). It’s a little pricy but hey, it’s a state park.

Small spots in the state park

Nice site offers showers, clean bathrooms, bear boxes, fire rings and benches. As well as trash cans and recycling. Some spots looked big and some/most were pretty small. The spots are pretty close together but, that’s okay. I feel it was kinda expensive for the size of the spots and how close they were together but, you are in a state park. The trees were very beautiful and you’re right in the middle of the red woods. The camp host was very sweet and offered a wood for purchase ($10).

I don’t recommend getting spot 27. Very weird set up the bench was in the center of the spot and the fire was really close to the vegetation it kinda scared me. It looked to be all the odd 20s were set up kinda funky.

Great campground on the river

Super beautiful and huge campground. Not far from bend or crater lake. The campground is huge there is 61 site total. Very sweet camp host you can buy wood from. Great bathrooms, water stations, and trash cans (as well as recycling)!!!!! There’s benches and fire rings. Some sites also have grills. Right on the river a lot of people were fishing.

Great campground right outside crater lake

Great campground that offers trash cans, water and bathroom. There is a nice trail on the site that brings you to the state park (1.3 miles). Only $10 a night!!! About 40 minutes from crater lake. There’s a very nice camp host. No fire wood for sale but, lots to go and grab. Huge sites and great trees to provide shade! 20 sites and all pretty far apart. Would come back for sure.

Opens in June!

Lots of camp grounds but, not open til June!

Cheap campground near shasta

There are 14 camp grounds. About 7/8 have bear bins. There is no water right now because the spring/well is dried up)-: there are fire rings on about 1/2 the camp cites. Bathrooms are close but, kinda gross. Nice shade and trees to slack line. No camp host so but fire wood and in town. Very close to town about 10 minutes or so. You can also drive down the road farther and just get free dispersed camping.

Right on mc cloud creek

Great camp ground. $25 a night. Bathrooms, bear boxes, water and trash cans. Lots of mosquitoes at night of course you’re right on the water. Water is very low this year (2021) so you are on the creek. Normally the you will be on lake Shasta. No camp host and a lot of the site you can reserve online. Wasn’t busy in may but, I was also here last June and it was crazy busy.

Great campground very close to lake Shasta

Large campground it has 14 sites. A few of the sites are double sites pretty huge for 2 groups. The water is low right now (may 2021) but, normally it would be walking distance to the water even a few 100 feet. There is clean bathrooms, water, bear bins, and fire rings as well as trash cans! The fee is $25. There is no camp host so bring your own wood. There is also a little day use area if you want to just bring your paddle board/kayak for a day.

The water is very low right now so the only water flowing is the mc cloud creek so it is hard to be in the water if you don’t want to be pushed away. Normally Shasta lake is full and you can swim around.

Very weird vibes, but nice camp ground

The camp ground was beautiful. Pretty close to the water, however, this year summer 2021 the water is very low. The camp ground offers bathrooms, bear boxes, very nice fire rings and clean water. There is no camp host so bring your own wood. The fee is $25 a night. The trash cans were over flowed and there was bags of trash outside of the garbage. Please don’t do this)-:

Weird vibes: when we pulled up there was only one other truck there. They were two people yelling at each other pretty loud so that was kinda awkward but, nothing crazy. Then we set up our tent and other car came to the spot next to ours and checked the bear box and was walking around the spot. They moved parked at another spot and did the same thing. I’m not sure if they left something or what was going on but, they just walked around to each site checking the bear box’s??

Not sure if I would return unless more people were there because I felt uncomfortable leaving my tent and things there unattended.

Not open may 15

Says it’s open online but, it is not. It is close to lassen national park. There’s a camp ground open in the park so I would do that.

Great free camping outside breckenridge

Only a quick drive outside of Breckenridge. Free campsites pretty much everywhere. No water or bathrooms it is all dispersed. Pack your things in and out please. Keep this place beautiful! Opens in late may/early July depending on the snow season

Nice, small camping near the lake

The camp hosts are sweet offer wood, clean bathrooms, and fresh water. The beach is about a 5 minute walk from any spot. Only complaints are the beach is not dog friendly so if you have your dog you can’t go onto the beach but, you can drive close to a dog beach. The spots are also kinda small and close together. They offer bear box’s and fire rings. Very busy site get here early.

Great camping on the lake

Nice crystal clear water. There’s a pretty awesome cliff jump nearby as well. Dogs are allowed. The lake is a very popular day use area as well. Does get very hot make sure you bring your bathing suit.

Free BLM land

Pretty far drive off a dirt road. The camp spot does have fire rings. There’s a nice running/bike path right in the camp ground. However, there are a lot of ticks. Be careful if you have any animals. 

Also saw wild horses driving up!

Drive east on Highway 299 for 17.8 miles from Highway 101. Turn left at the Redwood Valley turn off(Bair Road) and travel 3.9 miles. Make a right turn at the sign that reads"Hoopa- 22 miles", and travel 5.9 miles up this windy gravel road. The entrance is a left turn.

Great free camping

Awesome spot takes a while to get there but, once you’re there great views. Lots of trees for shade. Met some very nice people. FREE(-;

Free camping outside of steamboat

Great free spot if you’re looking for somewhere not too far from the town. Awesome bike trails not very far. No bathroom or water it is dispersed. Not too hard of a road to get up either got up in a RWD Tacoma no problem.


Anywhere on potash road is the perfect free camping. Very close to amazing climbing. Hot during the summer like everywhere in southern Utah. No signs that day free camping but, it is fact free. Dispersed great for big groups or all alone. Dogs allowed. Bring lots of water. Don’t forget to look at the stars at night.