Tommy M.

Abilene, TX

Joined April 2019

Family Man with a wife and two boys, we have a pop up camper, tents, hammocks, hiking gear, and we love to use it all. We spend as much time outdoors as we can, and we teach our boys to appreciate nature for all of its beauty.

The hill country at its best!

We spent a weekend here, we stayed at the camper sight. The trails here are awesome, the staff is friendly and the sights are out of this world. The falls are beautiful and you can walk right up to them. There’s more trails than you can shake a stick at! We will be going back for sure, perhaps to a primitive sight next time.

Apache land? Yes please!

Awesome hill/mountain side campsites, close to the lakes and creeks. Look out for wild turkeys, deer, elk, bears, and even wild horses! Drive up the mountain to SkiApache, there are awesome overlooks on the drive. We went in the summer, but rode the gondolas to the top of the mountain, then hiked to the summit where you could see the next mountain over which is sacred land to the Apache, you could see an old lava flow, and even another mountain range. The only issue we had was deer flies, but they would loose interest pretty quickly and then your good to go.

Just go, nevermind the UFOs!

Beautiful desert landscapes littered with deep lakes ranging from small to rather large. Public swimming area in one of the lakes, and it has saltwater in it… the water is ice cold and super refreshing, once you get acclimated to it, lol. There’s hiking trails, ports-johns, and RV hookups. Be ready for flies in the summer though. At night, make sure you take the time to see how many stars are really up there, because the light pollution is very low at this sight.

Small park, but awesome !

For being a small state park it offers a lot of nice camping sights, for RVs and tents alike. There’s creeks running through the park aswell as a small fishing pond with crystal clear water. Nice easy hiking trails, and a bird blind. Just a nice getaway from civilization. We go there very often just to be outside and breath fresh air. And if you camp there, make sure to look up at night, what a view!