Tom W.


San Diego, CA

Joined April 2020

Boston boy in SoCal since ‘81! Retired early, and looking forward to my RV lifestyle!

Very Nice!

Spent a nice relaxing week at Sweetwater Summit Regional Park. And I had a very nice stay. Had a nice spacious site for my 26’ Class A, and it happened to be next to the showers. Score! Very well maintained, with a mix of RV’s, and tent campers. The family in front of me were tent campers, a couple with two little girls. They also have a bunch of horse corrals, for the trails in the area. Plenty of grass for the kids to play in, and my dog loved it, too. He hasn’t walked on nice fresh grass in a while, and he was a happy boy! The shower is a pay shower, 2 quarters for 4 minutes. The weather was perfect, with a nice breeze blowing every day I was here. It never hit 80 degrees, and we’re in July! Plenty of OTA stations, and I also set up my Dish Playmaker for the first time. Super easy! They also have free WiFi, and it’s pretty fast WiFi at that. That was a real plus, since most RV parks have slim to none available. So I downloaded a few movies, and shows off Netflix, and AppleTV, for when I have no internet, and don’t feel like watching regular TV before bed at night. The Dish will come in handy for those out of the way places that have no OTA, internet, or possibly cell service. I will definitely stay here again, any time of year. It’s nice and quiet, they have a North loop, and a South loop. The North loop has cement pads, and sewers. I was in the South loop, which didn’t have sewers. They have, what some would say, are strict rules, but that makes this place very family friendly, really nice and quiet, and all the Rangers were helpful, and very pleasant.

Oy Vey!

I’m being very generous with this review, and very long winded, since it’s the weirdest place I’ve stayed. It’s a campground, not a ‘resort’. And, to be honest, I’ve only stayed at 6 other places. I reserved this through Passport America, and was going to cancel last minute, but I didn’t wanna lose any money, so I went. I called to find out about check-in, so I got the gate code, and was told after 11:30, which was perfect since I needed some food and supplies. That was the only time a real person answered the phone in my 2 weeks there. The campground’s phone is tied to the assistant manager’s phone, but when you go to leave a message, it says, ‘Mailbox Full’. When I got here, another camper came in behind me, but no manager on site. So I just drove around looking for a spot. The assistant finally showed up at the office, and asked if I wanted a site with full hookups, so I said that’s what I reserved, but she said her system showed different, but she gave me one pretty much next to the office anyway , and it was full sun all day. Next thing, a shirtless guy, wearing just shorts, comes walking up. It was the manager. He said I could stay there for an extra charge, or there were shady spots up the hill, but no sewer. I have a 40 gallon black tank, so I took the shady spot. Tiny is too generous to describe the spaces. Two feet on one side, about six on the other. Not even enough room to get my Vespa off the back to cruise the mountain roads, which I was looking forward to. I asked beforehand if it was fairly flat, cause I have bad knees, and he said yes. The only flat spot I found is where I parked. Anywhere you go, it’s downhill, then back up, at probably a 15% grade!! And dusty, Jesus, is it dusty! You know the old TV cowboy scene, where he comes in from the range, hits his hat against his leg, and a huge cloud of dust forms? I think they filmed all those scenes here. No gravel, just ground down dirt, from years of RV’s rolling back and forth over it, so it’s just dust. The manager was nice enough let me use their address for a couple Amazon packages, and he even drove one of them up when it got here. They advertise internet, but unless you have your own, there isn’t any to be had, but I was told there’s a router in the office. So I guess they have internet, but no one else. I did get 2 bars using my WeBoost with Consumer Cellular. They advertised a laundry, but I decided to wait, and didn’t even check it out, because one reviewer jokingly said their clothes came out dirtier then before. I was filthy, and close to the shower, so off I went. Once I get there, I see it’s pay showers, so I trudge back up the hill for quarters. $1.25 for 10 minutes, and it was worth it, cause I needed it. Hot water felt good in the cheepnis of the Men’s facilities. I always grab flip flops at the 99 Cent store for just this reason. No dump station on site either, so if you need to dump your tanks, you have to go to someone else’s paid space, and use theirs. Most sites had a picnic table, and a washing machine tub as fire ring. I had a fire ring that looked like an origami of cinder blocks. I did receive 9 OTA channels from a $40 Amazon home antenna set. I was waiting for my $130 Winegard to get here, and when it did, it picked up 5 OTA channels!! I’m keeping the home antenna with me, with an old 9 iron as a pole! I read reviews, and they were all like 2 stars, but were from 3 or 4 years ago, so I figured they cleaned up their act. Nuh uh! It’s 80% full time residents, 5% campers, and 15% empty, so since they’re getting guaranteed money, why upgrade? The place has low hanging trees, and the skinniest of roads. Just enough room for one vehicle, as my rig was just as wide of the road. This is definitely the perfect place for someone to go into the witness protection program. The good things were the peace, quiet, and the shade, because the weather got unseasonably hot! Management seemed nice, when you could hunt someone down. I tried getting in touch with someone the whole day about dumping my tanks, but no calls back. If I see an empty spot with a sewer, I’ll just dump it there. If you gotta hide out for some reason, this is the place. But don’t expect any amenities except water, pay shower, and electricity. I know I won’t stay here again, unless I went into witness protection program, that is! Oh yeah, and can’t forget the rooster that crows all day. Can’t make this stuff up.

Nice place

I at Oakzanita a little after noon, got my space, and was all set up in an hour. The drive getting here is wicked, if you’ve never been here before. In my scooter club, the San Diego Pharaohs, we’ve ridden up here in the mountains plenty, so I knew what I was in for. Lots of windy roads in. If you want seclusion, and quiet, then this is the place. The best thing about being here in the Cuyamacas, is it’s beauty! I love it up in the mountains. Some amenities were closed, but at least the pool was open for 2 hours 4 times a day, you can play mini golf, but bring your own putter and balls. Before I came up, my friend was bringing me something, and for the 5th time I said don’t forget a couple golf balls. Well, he forgot. The showers are working in the men’s and women’s rooms, the honey wagon will come around and empty your tanks, plus they have a dump station, since it’s just water and electric hookups. Two bad things, no internet, and no laundry. Before I left my last stop, I didn’t do laundry, and figured I can do it here. The guy at the gate even said there was a laundry. He neglected to say it was out of order. So I hopped on my Vespa, and off to Alpine I went. It only goes 55, so I said, what the hell, let’s hop on the freeway. Got to the laundry, and right next store to it was a pizza place, so I got a sausage sub. Delicioso! Now the laundry was done, and I didn’t want to climb the 2,000 feet up the highway on the scooter with a load of laundry, so I took the long way back. After about 20 minutes I come upon a sign, ‘Unpaved Road Next 6 Miles’. And that was a very long, very bumpy, and very dusty, 6 miles. It took me almost an hour to get back. Hey, it’s all part of the adventure. Another good thing, my cell service, Consumer Cellular, was exceptional!!! Full bars, so I could Netflix, and YouTube! Unfortunately, I used up all my data with 12 days until next months plan kicks in. I would venture up this way again.


What a beautiful week spent at Lake Jennings Park. I still can’t believe I got this place pretty much last minute! I went in blindly, and just picked a space number, 51. What a great site it was! Heck, every site seemed great! Sat and drank my coffee every morning looking at the lake through the trees. Big, clean, space, with a nice, newer, metal picnic bench, BBQ/fire pit, and full hookups. And because of the way the spaces are, you feel like you have your own private site, and aren’t next to anyone else. Trees and bushes separate most of the sites. You can get partial hookups, tent sites, and even premium sites, overlooking the lake. It’s a Water District park, so it was around $270 for the week. Everything was done by email and online. Lots of amenities closed, playgrounds, horseshoes, etc…but the bathrooms and showers were available, and you can fish all week, and boat on the weekends. I haven’t made any calls, but my Consumer Cellular fluctuated between one and three bars, and the internet is very iffy, and I’ve noticed every park is very iffy. Plenty of OTA channels if you need a digital fix. Overall, the place is well worth it, and I’ll definitely cough up the cash for this place again!

Great Time!

I had a reservation at Wilderness Lakes, and I was a day early, so they let me in! Off to a good start! Full hook-ups, laundry and showers about 50 yards away, no matter which way you go. Laundry is done with an app, and pretty cheap, $1.75 wash, $1.75 dry. Nice canals running through the park, with ducks and their ducklings trailing behind. I chose to stay at the far end, away from the crowds. I got a great site, with no one on either side, and 2 neighbors across the street. While I was setting up, one of my awning screen poles broke. I called ShadePro, and they were out the next morning with a new one. Management seems very friendly, there’s a store at the front of the park, and a nice one mile hike around the perimeter of the park. Unseasonably warm the past couple days, so used my AC for a couple hours in the afternoon, to cool Riley and I down. The internet pretty much sucks. Good for email, and very little surfing, but way too slow to stream Netflix, etc. I just put on some music and relax, or throw in a DVD at night. Plenty of trash receptacles, playground for kids, mini golf, and much more. They even have cabins to rent. Will definitely come back!

Tight Quarters

I had a reservation for a week the beginning of June. I called them up, and they let me arrive early because of an issue with another RV park. I wish I remembered the woman’s name. Place is well taken care of, but there are a lot of regular residents, and they park their cars everywhere. Empty spaces, half in the space, half in the street, it was nuts. I guess there’s a new manager who said she has her work cut out for her. Cell service was good (Consumer Cellular). The internet sucked because you could get it free for 5 days, but then had to spend if you’re there longer, and the speed was terrible. Plus you could only connect one device to it. No Smart TV, iPhone, iPad, and laptop. Just one device! In this day and age that is nuts. Got about 20 OTA channels, but only one major network, NBC. Laundry is with your debit card, but wicked expensive, $3.75 wash, $3.75 dry. Short walking distance to numerous stores, fast food joints, and to make you feel safe, a Highway Patrol office is right across the street. Nice and quiet, full hook-ups, gravel with a cement slab driveway, but very small. And they allowed ShadePro to install a new awning on my rig! Despite the negatives, I’d stay here again.

Be Truthful

I’m new to RV’s, and the lifestyle. I’ve been planning on full time RV living for the last 10 months. Pio Pico is the 1st RV park I’ve stayed at. I was enjoying my quite solitude, when my closest neighbor told me, one of the workers has tested positive for Covid-19, so I hauled ass out of there. Luckily, I didn’t have any human contact whatsoever with anyone there during my stay. I have bronchial asthma, so I wasn’t taking any chances.
Too bad, because it felt remote, quiet, and was only a nice 7 mile drive from grocery stores, retail stores, food, gas, etc., if you needed anything. 30 amp, and water at site. Dumping area with two stations. Nice paths to hike, or walk your dog. Laundry was open, but only facility I used was the dump station. I didn’t get any TV reception, but others did. I didn’t have a powered antenna, but I do now. The internet was slow and iffy. They said they were working on it. I got to see a few shows on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube… No cell service at all, but I did get a little with my WeBoost. I wasn’t expecting much with mountains all around. I would have given another star, but keeping something like a worker testing positive for covid-19 from customers is not a good business idea. I’d probably give them another try though, since it had the seclusion I was looking for.