Long Hike But Worth It

This is a beautiful campground up in the hills above Altadena with a great view of the valley below. Lots of greenery and flowing water in the winter season with wildlife all along the trail and campground. Tables and fire stoves (check for permits) at most of the 12 tent sites but no running water, trash or privy so bring WAG bags and pack out. One of the old campgrounds, like First Water and has a neat history in the hiking books. The best way to get here is from Eaton Canyon, park legally on the streets, take the truck road up to and through Henninger Flats for about a mile past the flats. Look for a small footbridge at that point and follow the trail to Idlehour. Not a fun hike on scorching hot days due to the lack of shade, but on cooler foggy days it's a great trip. About 8 miles round trip. Very secluded and there's trails down to the stream in Eaton Cyn above the waterfall. DON'T CLIMB DOWN THE FALLS OR YOU'LL BE ON THE EVENING NEWS!

Moderate Hike With Big Rewards

For most of the populace this is a hike in campground with scattered sites and sometimes no water. You come here for the views and the evening breeze but not much else. The ranger station evolved from a tree plantation and the ancient museum is seldomly visited but interesting. There can be several hikers around here during the day but they usually leave when the sun starts going down….which is a shame cause that's the best time here. You've got a privy and some tables but not much else so enjoy the solitude and quiet. It's comfortable and laid back up here with none of the stress you get from the easily visited camps around SoCal. A rough jewel.

JPL Approved

This is a nice hike-in campground with about ten sites available and a privy. Lots of hikers up here on the weekend ( and weekdays too). There's no running water but the creek is usually running so bring something to treat the water. The parking is available either at Oak Glen Park or further north on the streets…but check with the city on overnight street parking. Very beautiful now that the canyon vegetation has grown back in and there are plenty of trails in the area for miles of hiking. Lots of wildlife. Fire rings in camp sites but check for fire permits. Funny to see JPL scientists walking aroud up here with their ID badges hanging around their necks.

Convienent And Fun

Fun little campground with decent facilities and beautiful surroundings. Lots of trails all around with a nice hike of about 1/2 mile up to Millard Falls that is easy for kids and grown ups. Wild life all over the place and a great stream in the wet season through summer. Park in the lot at end of road and walk 200 yards up the the camp sites. Camp fire pits but check for permits. There is a camp host so things are well managed and clean. Several cabins surround the area even above the falls. Very busy on weekends.

Long Hike-Big Rewards

This is a hike in only campground that is secluded and a little spare. It has no running water but it does have facilities and tables ( first come, first serve). Fantastic views on a clear day and quite a few hikers pass through here on the weekend. Check on camp fires permitted (last time I was there ABSOLUTELY NO FIRES ALLOWED). Access through Eaton Canyon (the long way but plenty of parking, NOT OVERNIGHT! ) or Cobb's Ranch at the end of Lake Street….but there is only street parking here and I don't know what the restrictions are now. If you like hiking and scenery this is a great spot. Please pack out what you bring in. This hike is better in the cool seasons plus during the summer they bring vans full of kids up here for day outings.

One Of The Best

Great car camping location with lots to do. Plenty of camp sites but they fill up fast, especially during the summer on weekends. Very comfortable with all the amenities and enough space in between sites for low noise. Very beautiful with tall cedar, pine, fir and spruce with a nice creek in the wet season. Trails going all over the place, some easy some steep and wild life every where you look. Simple tent sites to bigger trailer pads for every type of camper. Probably the best campground in SoCal. Great for kids.

Nice Isolation

This is a great small, hike in camp ground with no privy but decent tent sites. There's no running water but the creek is usually running so come prepared with your own water and something to treat the creek water with. Check for fire restrictions and dig your cat holes at least 200 feet from the water. Or bring WAG bags and pack it back out. Very much like Hoegees campground. Good for families abs Scouts.

Nice Isolation

Lots of parking at the bridge but make sure you have an adventure pass. It's a good hike with a slight uphill grade but very beautiful if the stream is running. The sites are a little spare but well maintained and the privy isn't gross. Bring toilet paper. They don't plant the stream so you probably won't catch anything if there is water in it. This is a dry camp with the only water available coming from the stream, if any. Check for fire restrictions. A great get away and isolated from the hordes.

Nice Hike

If you take the Upper Winter Creek Trail it's an easier hike but not as pretty as the Lower one. Campsite is very nice with enough sites for about 20 campers with a privy but no running water. There is a creek that might or might not have water in it. Bring a way of making the water potable. Lots of things to do for the kids and plenty of trails. Be aware of any fire restrictions.

Wide Variety Of Sites

A whole range of sites up and down the dirt road with a good selection on styles from trailer sights to rough camping. Water is only available near the main road so bring containers if you go further up the road. No rservations on the majority of sights but there is a cabin at the end of Coon Creek called Coon Creek Cabin and it requires a reservation with a fee ( great camping spot wi8th tons of hiking at the cabin). The PCT is nearby if you want to get a few extra miles logged.

Lots Of Trails And Climbing

First come first served, so weekdays are the best time to get a spot here.Only about 20 sites so not too crowded and noisy with hordes of people. The cost is a little steep but everything is clean and functional. There is a camp host so things are pretty well monitored and ushered to keep the noise down. Lots of great trails and off trail hiking for all levels of experience plus climbing locations for the rockers out there. Pretty good all around camping with enough distance from the main road for quietude and no light pollution so you get a good sense of solitude along with sleep. In other words, good family campground and bring a hammock.