This once "hidden gem" campground is growing more popular because it is absolutely astounding. The Views of the Cabinet Mountains and Bull Lake are stunning and the location of the campground is perfect, IMO. The pit toilets were clean, the sites are well taken care of, and the ability for activity is great. As others have said you do have direct access to Bull Lake and the hiking is just a short drive to an Ancient Giant Cedar Grove. You are in bear and Grizzly country here though so keeping food locked up is a must. One final note, they tell you to raise your hood due to pack rats getting in your engine compartment.

Do You Like Spash Back?

After a week in MT, we were looking forward to getting to a more established campground but this wasn't it. This campground is pricey at $33 a night, smaller, and just did not have any amenities that you would think comes with such an expensive campground. 

First, it is located DIRECTLY next to a train track that is BUSY. We had no less than 6 trains run by the night we were staying and it was incredibly loud. If that didn't bother you the highway noise wouldn't either…

The campground is located next to a river that you can swim in and if you need to rinse off, this is your only option. Otherwise, it isn't very wooded and the high dry grasses located in the park make it a fire risk. It didn't look like there were any burns recently but it was a consideration on whether we made a fire or not. 

Also, there isn't plumbed bathrooms at this park and the pit toilets were clean but full. VERY FULL. 

Overall, you can skip the park and the price and move on down the road.

Perfect Home Base for Exploring

This is a first come, first serve campground with pit toilets and the standard set up. We found it to be perfect for tenting and set up mid week, having the campground almost to ourselves. We were told the weekend could get busy but while we were there maybe 5 people were in the entire campground. The area had a recent burn but plenty of big trees still existed to camp under. Not far off of 90, this is a great spot. The camp hosts were friendly and knowledgeable and ready to help. The plus, it was $7 a night! We were told it would go to $15 next year but this is still a bargain.


With all of the great options available, this wouldn't be my top pick but it would be an emergency overnight option. This campground is nestled on BOTH sides of 90 with a bridge underneath the road to get to the other side. It is accessible through the rest stop. Because it is literally at the rest stop and directly next to the major hiway, I would avoid it unless it is a last minute stop.

Perfect stream side campground

Just 5 miles off of I-90, this small stream side forest service campground offers you a shady retreat to rest for the night. Pit toilets, fire rings, and tables are standard here but the campground's real charm is sitting next to the stream where you can relax to the flowing water or fish. There aren't many spots here but we didn't have a hard time just pulling up and snagging a spot.

Scenic but crowded

The views here definitely make this primitive campground worth the drive but the neighbors definitely dictate your level of enjoyment. Located right on Baker Lake, this is a great spot to camp at for your water activities. The sites have the typical fire Ring and table but they are so crowded you may as well just use your neighbors.

1 right now but 5 soon

I have to give this a one star for now since alit if trees have been cut because of a fire. The grounds are charred but within a few years it should be better. The undergrowth is taking over for now. The campground does sit next to a stream and it will be really relaxing once the tree cover comes back.

Favorite off the path campground

This campground is primitive with only water and pit toilets but an absolute delight. The river is amazing and on a clear day you have amazing views of Mt Baker. You can go either direction to play on the water of Baker Lake or just relax. The spacing is good between campgrounds and each comes with a table and fire ring. I personally observed all bear precautions as rumors of bears around were plenty.

Favorite off the path campground

This campground is primitive with only water and pit toilets but an absolute delight. The river is amazing and on a clear day you have amazing views of Mt Baker. You can go either direction to play on the water of Baker Lake or just relax. The spacing is good between campgrounds and each comes with a table and fire ring. I personally observed all bear precautions as rumors of bears around were plenty.

Cozy, quiet, primitive

This is a nice campground away from the large mass of people up the road toward diablo lake. It’s right off the hi-way and next to a river and easily accessible. They have put toilets and a nice set up with decent to large spacing between spots. It was actually astounding for this type of campground how spaced out you are. The big draw for me were the massive old growth trees here. I would definitely stay here again.

Crowded with tons of activities

The park is super busy during the summer. So much so that they stamp letting day use in at certain times so a reservation is highly recommended. The reason is you have many activities to choose from. Hiking, biking, and kayaking are in abundance here with miles of trails and water front. For the camping, it’s crowded to say the least. The spacing is okay but with so many people in the park it is bound to be loud. If you are looking for solitude don’t come here. The facilities were okay but nothing special and the sites have your normal set up. Some of the sites are very small and are for smaller tents only. Definitely look at the online map first to choose the appropriate site.

My favorite Park!

This is absolutely my favorite campground at Mt. Rainier. The spacing is great, the bathrooms are adequate (no showers) and the forest is absolutely amazing. This entire campground is wooded so no need to worry about shade but it will probably rain. This is a rather large campground but you should still get reservations. The only complaint I have is the fire ring is odd.

Great family park!

This park surprised us a lot. On the water of the Hood Canal, it offered more family activities than many of the parks around. The campground itself is situated close to the water with several loops, tightly packed together. You will be very close to your neighbor and every spot was filled. The bathrooms are newer and very clean and there weren’t signs of bears or wild animals in this park since it is close to the city. The parks main feature is the water where you can go play in the tide pools but it also has a giant field for other activities. We noticed a ton of locals came here for Sunday afternoon fun.

Absolutely amazing

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this campground. The maps made it look tight and the park didn’t make much sense to me but I was in for the biggest surprise of our trip. This campground is astounding. The spacing was great especially for a national park campground, the walk ins weren’t to far away but not to close either, the bathrooms were placed appropriately and the attractions are right at your site. There had to have been a dozen old growth giant trees in our site and the views to really help you relax. The bathrooms didn’t have a shower and you could tell the plumbing was old but it didn’t matter. The sites all have a normal fire ring and table. Our site was for tents only and it is recommended to check each site before you book a reservation. Reservations are a must here as well.

Great Developed Campground

This campground is near the Olympic beaches of Rialto and the famous second beach but isn’t actually on the ocean itself. It is near a stream but it is difficult to actually get to the stream and it isn’t very big anyway. Most of the attraction to coming to this campground is visiting the beaches nearby and it definitely is a great location to do that. The campground is spread among several loops surrounded by trees offering plenty of shade. Most of the sites are spaced evenly and give you plenty of room from your neighbors. For a national park campground I was pleasantly surprised that we weren’t on top of the next spot. The bathrooms are updated and clean with flush toilets and potable water nearby. The hiking trails aren’t fantastic but provide a nice diversion. I would go back and stay here again.

One of the best

This is a giant park with a ton of campsites but you are advised to make reservations. Even though there are a lot of sites, you are evenly spaced out and each spot typically feels bigger than it is. The spots do lap on top of each other as the go up a hill and sound sometimes gets loud. As far as recreation this park offers it all from kayaking, hiking, boating, fishing, and biking. The diversity and scenery gives it all an A Plus and the designation as one of the best parks in the area. I will definitely be back.

Forested state park

This park has plenty of options for everyone. Hiking, paragliding, biking, and just watching the sound are all options. We did not go to the beach and can’t comment. The campsites are separated for the most part and give you a feeling of being away from your neighbor even though it is pretty stacked. The bathrooms had pay showers and we clean. Each site had a table and fire ring.

For the money, it feels like WA state parks are expensive but this area was nice and I’ll be back.


This campground was the first we visited on the way up the island from the ferry. It is tiny and right next to the ferry dock with no cover or shade from the sun. Seeing the ferry come and go is neat but gets tiring. The spaces are close together and there is literally no privacy. You can choose a better campground by going further up the island.

Choose other parks for serenity.

This is a small campground surrounded by the fort. It had plenty to explore but not that many camping areas. The areas they had filled up quickly and were very crowded. Otherwise, this would be a good spot for RVers. The fort is pretty neat to walk around and is bigger than would be expected.

One of the best east side Olympics campground

This was one of the first areas we explored and keep coming back to it. They aren't open all year (typically May to October) but it is well worth it in the summer! We found a nice secluded and quiet spot with larger than average spacing to set up our large tent. The spots have a nice campfire ring and table that sit among the trees. The bathroom was a pit toilet but we have found that they aren't bad up hear. There isn't running water in the privy but they did have water for the campers. The road in is all paved and there is supposed to be a camp host although when we were there, no one showed up. The cost is a bit pricey for us at $20 but still better than the local state parks. As far as hiking there is a nice 4 mile loop and a nice ascent to Mount Eleanor. The 4 mile hike is one of my favorites so far in the region.