Big Bend

If you can afford it or you are camping with several friends and family get the group site. The group site is HUGE open area right next to river and away from the main camping area. Only thing with the group site is that the only thing they have is portapotty. You need to walk or drive to main campsite for running drinking water.

The individual campsites are nice especially the ones next to river but the sites are close together.

Great place if you have canoe or kayak waters are not to choppy. They have several outfitters that will rent canoes and give you ride back to campsite.

If you are a MT. Biker there is a great trail that follow the ridge line with great views of one of the oldest mountains in the United States!!!

And one of my favorite reasons to camp in these area is SENECA Rocks, Just 15 min up the road. Some of the best Trad/sport climbing with easy approach on the East Coast!

Cunningham Falls State Park MD

Camp next to the president. This park is located next to Camp David where the POTUS used to go for vacations to give there security detail a break unlike our current president who just keeps wasting our tax money flying down to Florida every weekend. Ok enough ranting…….

Great campsite, with a small lake with beach the kids can swim at. Only thing is there is a steep hike back and forth from campsite to beach, we ended up driving to beach area after our first attempt to walk to beach with all our gear, as an excuse we did have a 7 year old with us.

Great easy loop hikes around campsite with a decent waterfall depending on when it last rained. Great local get away only 1 hr away from DC.

Point Lookout State Park.

This is a very popular fishing area. If you look on the map the park is located at the very tip of a peninsula. Unfortunately the word is out and the fishing area does get crowded during fishing season. There is also a crabbing pier and sandy beach. The camping area is located to the right side as soon as you pass the entrance to park. The sites are ok to excellent depending which site you choose.

Do not pick a spot near the marsh, this park also has lots of horseflies. The sandy beach they have is nice, its still part of the bay so the waters tend to be very calm.

If you are going to fish make sure you have a md fishing lic. and follow state rules in regards to size of fish and quantity you can catch. The park police are very very diligent!! They will ask you for fishing lic and go through your ice box!!!! I have had friends getting huge fines for catching fish that was 1/4 inch smaller then what was allowed. Be warned!!!

FYI this is a MD state run park so no alcohol allowed on site.

Assategue State Park MD

There are two camping sites on the Assategue Island. One is run by the National Park and the other by the state of MD. I do prefer the campsite run by the National Park I think its a bit less crowded. The state run park does offer nicer facilities. Flush-able toilets and hot showers are available unlike the national park with they have nice portapotties and only cold showers.

Read my other reviews for the National Park for both seaside and bayside.

Bayside - Assategue National Park.

For hardcore campers!! I accidentally booked the bayside campsite vs the seaside campsite and we had a very tough time. We have been camping here on and off for the past 10 years on the Seaside and it is one of my favorite beach camp sites but stay away from the bayside campsite on the bayside.

The biggest problem for us was there was absolutely no breeze or wind on the bayside, The camping spots are in a wooded area so you do get plenty of shade but the trees block any wind blowing in from the ocean. No breeze or wind means dealing with tons of flying biting insects…constantly. And I mean lots and lots of horse flies.

And for some reason I think the wild horses are more active and more aggressive on the bayside vs when camping on the beach, just my personal experience. Our camp was raided every every night and day, even when we had horse proofed all our food and our campsite. I ended up storing all our food in our tents inside lockable bins.

Most of the people I saw camping on the bayside had RV, which is the only way I would come back to the bayside.

Read my other review for seaside assategue camping for some helpful tips.

Oceanside Assateague National Park MD

Awsome!!!! Best beach side camping in the area. If you have never been camping at Assateague here some tips for you.

1)Bring your own shade!!! There is absolutely no shade anywhere, you camp right behind the sand dunes with the only shade coming from some bushes.

2)Horseproof all your food!!! They have wild horses roaming this island and they will go through your campsite if you leave food unprotected.

3)Book early, the campsites are released several times a year for online reservation but they go quick, good luck making a reservation for a weekend during prime season. (If anyone has reservation for the summer months and can't make it, email me please I will be happy to take over the reservation.)

Other then the beach there are tons of stuff to do on this island. There is a great break when the (surf gods allow it) to the very right of the public beach if you are facing the ocean for you surfers. Nothing crazy but you can definitely catch some small 2-3 footers.

Surf fishing is great, bring some heavy weights, you do need to cast out as far as you can depending on tide. We have caught blues, rockfish, sand sharks and rays.

If you have little ones take them to the bayside beach, very calm waters and dosn't get very deep. You can go crabbing and look for clams for dinner. They have boat rentals as well.

FYI you can bring in adult beverages unlike the state run park located right next door.

Shenandoah National Park - Big Meadows camp area

There are several campsites available at this National Park. I like this campsite particularly because its close to one of my favorite waterfall hikes in VA. The site is run by the National Park so all the basic amenities are available at the site. Depending on what time of the year you go, you might find some solitude. Lots of beautiful hikes and bike course with awesome views of the valley.

Burke Lake Park Camping

I lived in this area on and off for the past 20 years and I recently found this camping area. I have visited this state run park countless times for all the different activities, golf, fishing, boat rentals, bike/hike trail, exercise course, playgrounds they even have a mini train ride that goes around part of the park.

The reason I did not know of the camping spot is because the camping area is located in the very back corner away from all the activity spots. The camping area is 2 small loops where I think maybe 40 sites are available. The camping spots are primitive no running water or electricity at your campsite but they do have communal bath house with water, restrooms and showers.

FYI this park is located in the middle of suburbia in Burke Va.

Bull Run Regional Park

State run park with many amenities. Park has golf frisbe course, decent water park for kids, hiking trails, small creek/river you can explore, playgrounds. The park is located in the middle of suburbs close to manassas va. The park also offer cabin rentals if you don't want to camp. I like to take new families that have not camped before to this campsite, its close to home and if anyone decides to bail out there is a hotel 5 min away.

Toms Cove Campground

Could not get camping spot on assateague island so we decided to try this campsite a try. If you looking for rustic, quite camping this is not the spot. They have several trailer homes living there all year round. The camping spots are all very open with close neighbors. On the positive the campsite does have many amenities, showers, game room fishing piers. The best part of this camping spot is if you have canoe/kayak/SUPB it is a great point to launch off to explore the nature reserve next to camp Cove. Lots of wild horses to see. Remember to bring bug spray!!!