We stayed here mid summer. We picked a perfect time because it rained in the afternoons which cooled things down nicely and kept the sand firm in the morning while we hiked. By the time we got to the top it was dried out enough to board or sled down which was a blast. The falls are really cool as well as beautiful scenery in all directions

Grover hot spring

My family camps here every Labor Day weekend and has for 25+ years. This is a fun area with some cool hikes and a short walk to the hot springs pools. There is also a creek we take the little ones to catch crawdads in. Here’s to 25 more years!

Duck creek campground

Nice campground with decent bathroom facilities. It was only half full when I was there but very quiet and enjoyable

Snowy late May trip

I’ve stayed at this campground before and always enjoy it. Great area of the park with trails close by. Lots of scenery, water and wildlife opportunities! I will go back again

Norris campground

I’ve stayed her a couple of times. Great campground close to a couple rivers and nice meadows. I’ve seen moose, bison and bears in and around the area. The walk in site are in a great spot and not far from the car.

Mesquite campground

Decent campground. My site backed up to the river and I was able to hammoc next to it. Short drive to horseshoe lake. Very dusty