Very nice for the price

If you’re a fisherman, this place will be a good place to relax and talk to your neighbors. The location is great for people who are looking to be close to the airport and theme parks. It’s an RV park, but it’s one of the nicer ones I’ve seen.

Nice management but the facilities could use some work

This place has some great wildlife and is pretty nice in comparison to other RV parks. But, I wouldn’t quite call it a resort… other than the pools, hot tub, lake access. It is technically full of amenities but it’s still an RV park.

Save yourself the trip

Don’t come here, this place is a dump. If you want access to the lake, sure. It’ll do. But don’t waste your time when there are a ton of other options.

Not bad for the price

If you’re looking for something long term, this isn’t bad for the low price. It’s an RV park at the end of the day, so just know what you’re getting yourself into.

I stayed in Myakka

There’s not much to this town, but they are serious about preserving nature. There’s a hidden gem not too far from here, it’s a warm mineral spring. If you want to get away for an extended period of time where no one will disturb you, this is the place. I could hear wild boat running around near my campsite at night! Tons of nature.

First to Review
Stayed here in an Airbnb

We got an Airbnb and it was adorable! The owners took us out on their boat for a sunset cruise and it was a really great location. Not too far from Key West, but you could still feel like you were in nature. Highly recommend for a weekend getaway. The pool is awesome and it’s also not too far away from some great beaches.

Great for snorkeling

The campsite is nothing to write home about, but I had an amazing time snorkeling here. The location is really convenient and close to Gainesville, so if you want to spend some time being active in the water during the day but want to chill and go see a movie in a theatre at night, you can totally do that. There are a ton of great restaurants and shopping nearby. It’s nice that you can come to snorkel but also have a really inexpensive place to stake your tent at night.

I’ll never stop coming here

I’ve been camping at General Coffee for over 10 years and I’ll never stop coming back. The heritage farm is worth it just by itself, but it doesn’t stop there. The trails are long enough to get a nice workout in and the cabins are beautiful! I’ve only ever stayed in the cabins but I’m sure the tent camping is great too.

Reservation is worth it

The springs are amazing but they are so popular that you have to get there at 9 am or you won’t get in. UNLESS, you book a reservation to camp. This is the way to go. If you’re only coming for the day but you’re on the fence of staying overnight, do it. It’s worth it to be able to come and go as you please. The campsites are well maintained and the rangers are great at informing campers about bear safety.