Dispersed Camping Spot

Pull in spot on the corner of the forest road near a creek. Space for one vehicle. Not compatible with big rigs or travel trailers.

Dispersed Camping Spot

Flat spot near the corner of the road. The forest road is not compatible with big rigs, RV’s, or travel trailers. Recommended high clearance 4x4.

Dispersed Camping Flat Spot for one Vehicle or Tent

Flat place for one vehicle to back in on the corner of the road. There are two to three other similar places SE of here towards the I-40. Definitely not a road for RV’s or Travel Trailers, or the faint of heart, as it’s very narrow with a clearance of about 8-10 feet in several places. There are also some significant ruts and holes. I would recommend a 4x4 high clearance vehicle. A short wheelbase van would probably be ok.

Multiple Dispersed Sites

Several dispersed camping sites where you can easily park a vehicle. There are several along Roses Creek road and along New Ginger Cake road.