Indianapolis, IN

Joined August 2020


This was a pretty neat spot. The trees were a bit small, but they had to replant due to a storm. You should go check it out here. It is really nice and clean

Secret hideaway

This is a pretty special spot. It is beautiful. A perfect lake that the sky makes it change colors as the sun goes down. Just happened to camp here the night after the full moon, and watching it rise about the mountain peaks was gorgeous! True, it was a bit windy, but the clean grounds and bathrooms made up for it.


This is the perfect hidden lake down in the canyon. A very beautiful spot for fishing, deer and turkey watching. The sites aren’t right on top of each other, and they allow plenty of space for each site. This is definitely on my list to come back to.

Drive by

Drove by here looking for a place to pitch a tent. It looked like a nice campground, but we settled for one a little father down the road.


This is a pretty nice spot this time of year. Warm in the afternoon and cool at night. The bay trees give off a pleasant scent and makes the air smell fresh all the time. I’m sitting here right now drinking coffee by the fire with cell service. Haven’t gotten to see Bigfoot yet, but definitely will get a picture if I do. It was quite interesting because ash from the wild fires were floating into the camp and covering everything


The camp office personnel are a bit annoying and don’t seem to want to help you much. You probably could get more help by visiting the cashier at the small camp store. We had a reservation, but the site was terrible crowded. We asked the office if they could move to a more secluded spot and they were not accommodating at all. It’s a rip off if you have to cancel your reservation. You also have to pay for the state park fees which is absurd!

Best of Black Hills

This campground had super nice and friendly hosts. Definitely want to make sure you have a reservation well ahead of time. It is nestled just above a lake in the Black hills. The area is beautiful, and just around the corner of Mt. Rushmore. This is a definite stop if you want to stay near the National Monument of our founding fathers! Highly recommend this campground!

Pretty place

This was a pretty nice area beside the stream. The water is super cold if you want to try to grab a bath. The sites are a little more open for my liking, but it wasn’t too bad. The host was a little grumpy when we first pulled in, but seemed to be a little more nice in the morning.

Tiny Vampires

Beautiful area around the lake. Riddled with mosquitoes around this time of year. Be sure to bring plenty of your favorite mosquito repellent! Rough gravel road access. Be prepared for chips in your paint and a good Carwash afterwards

Very private

Absolutely loved this hidden spot back in the valley between two mountains. Has a short walk back to a very nice waterfall. Definitely recommend this spot if you are passing through. Keep driving all the way back to the loop at the end. It has some great sites here.


If you like being almost completely alone, this is your spot! They sites aren’t very huge and private, but that doesn’t matter because you will most likely have the whole campground to yourself. Only a fisherman or two may be there. The lakes crystal clear water is beautiful. There is a pretty nice beach if you take the trail down from the metal barn to the opposite end of the lake.

Not quite as described

This wasn’t a horrible place to stay. However, it was crowded, and the staff/owners were rather rude. Was pretty nice pitching a tent by the river, but it definitely is not as nice as the advertising picture. The trails were pretty well maintained, and the walk along the abandoned tracks was pretty neat! If you love blackberries, this is the place for you. The Forest was loaded with delicious plump berries. I really loves the Trump flag that was flying there!

Really nice spots here

This was a pretty nice and relaxing place to stay. The bathroom were emaculately clean. Only about a mile walk to the coast. I had a nice run to the ocean and back in the cool brisk morning.