Meh. Dusty and wide open. (Maybe seasonal?)

It was so, so, SO dusty when we were there. Like, every step generated a plume of brown powdered sugar. The 10% of the ground that wasn't dust was dry thorny scrub grass.

The sites are decently spaced out, but since there's almost no underbrush it's just a wide open view between the tall pines. That means basically no privacy from a visual or audio standpoint. Headlights would shine from one end of the campground to the other.

Good for big games of frisbee I suppose…?

…but we were there in late July on a stopover on the way to somewhere else, which is probably a lousy time to visit.

In spring with some more recent rain it'd be greener, less dusty and the creek would be more than a mosquito-filled trickle?

Gorgeous river-adjacent hidden gem

Awesome spot right on the river. Water was flowing and chilly but not painful in late July. There are a couple of good spots to jump off some rocks into the pools. Supposedly fishing is really good. Trees are tall and shady.

Lots of great trails for biking/hiking nearby.

The sites themselves are par for the course: table + fire ring. Enough space for 1-2 tents. Sites are a little close together / exposed to each other. It's fine if your neighbors are mellow but would be rough if you had rowdy folks adjacent.

It's a small couple of loops that tend to fill up fast. Plan on arriving mid-week in peak season to get the best spots. Keep in mind that if you're on the river side, people will be walking through/by your sites a lot.

Decent run-of-the-mill CG next to some incredible dunes

Lots of "paired" camp sites that would work for groups of 2 families.

Sites themselves are unremarkable but decently spaced out. Really mellow crowd while we were there. Huge contrast to Spinreel next door that's a ghetto of 5th wheels, side-by-sides and giant Don't Tread on Me (or similar…) flags.

Be sure to hike out the stairs and onto the dunes. It's AMAZING. No motorized access, so their smooth and quiet. Be prepared to be exhausted from hiking/jogging even a short distance on the sand.