Tim B.


Tulsa, OK

Joined September 2020

Great introduction to the Great Smokies

After a careful amount of research I selected this campground as my destination and home for a couple days as I got acquainted with the Great Smoky Mountains. The campground itself is pretty immaculate. The NPS personnel are friendly, helpful, and professional. The trail right by my campsite leads directly to the Low Gap Trail, which is apparently the most difficult trail in the entire park (which I learned from a ranger on the way DOWN).

The park and staff are very serious about bears, for good reason. I can say I didn’t personally experience any sign, sight, or sound of one while I was there. I did come across someone on my hike who ran across one while hiking the day before. They’re definitely out there, so bone up on your preparedness and come equipped. I was alone, so I had a bear bell at my waist, ringing with every step.

Cosby is a neat little town. The prices at Janice’s Diner are crazy low, just make sure you bring cash.

Pretty basic campground

Good place to stop on the way to somewhere else. If you’re allergic to poison ivy, watch out. The stuff is everywhere!