Tiff H.

Basalt, CO

Joined July 2019

Golf Cart Central

Showers ✅ Tent/Van/RV ✅ Pool ✅ Mini convenient store ✅ Access to the lake ✅

There are a number of people that look to be living on site in their RVS with deck platforms. Quite a few people speed around on their golf carts and make laps around the one or two nighter camper area. It is right up against the road with a quick walk to the boat dock and put in for paddle boards.

It was definitely “MEH” for camping but it did the trick for a good night of sleep and a hot shower.

Disney Camping

We desperately needed showers and a place to park for the night. We knew what KOAs had/have to offer, so we had the right mindset. We were packed in like sardines and up against the small cabins(thinking they might have been disappointed with their view). Showers were warm and the amenities were plentiful. We took advantage of the bar for a drink and salad. In the morning we enjoyed a coffee and toasted bagel. The surrounding mountains were beautiful and the people watching was spot on.

Quiet, Clean & Convenient

We needed a break from the rest area sleeping. We found this site on here and on iOverlander.

The sites are clean, flat and spread out. You can see everyone but you don’t feel like you are on top of one another.

The bathrooms were clean and the shower was hot and much needed. The fireflies were in rare form and the wildflowers that outline the camping were beautiful.

I would stay here again when passing through Pennsylvania.

Neighborhood Camping

A clean and for the most part quiet camp spot. However it is near an electrical plant that has a hum all day & night—makes for great white noise when sleeping.

There is a road that seems to house construction vehicles that were busy going by early evening and early morning.

The park is great if you are traveling and need to pull off the interstate to rest your head and get a shower. The bathrooms were very clean.

The staff were all incredibly nice and helpful. I felt safe in this campground.

The photos people posted are deceiving as they are taken from other places and not right in the campsite.

I would stay here again when passing through but would not make it a multi day stay.

Peace and Quiet

Stayed in a campsite near the road and the brook. It was clean and quiet. The road was right next to the site, but most drivers were respectful and drove slow.

The bathrooms and showers were phenomenal. A treat at the end of the day to take a shower before crawling in.

I appreciated that this state park had pockets of campsites and group sites. We were not all in one place.

The weekdays seem quieter than the weekends.