Theresa K.

Clarksville, TN

Joined May 2018

camping,snorkeling diver! I’m getting back into camping and I hope to hiking again soon. Scuba, snorkeling are also on my list to do more of this year

Busy family friendly camp area

Serious cleaning didn’t take any pictures there was saving my battery to take pictures underwater. Camp grounds were clean but As I said before it was very busy with family. At the spring if they could get some real food available for people to eat and drink that would be great

Survived hurricane Irma but still me to repair Buildings and roads

Curry Hammock is beautiful despite hurricanes blowing through it has weathered the storm and some services are up and running but others might take a while to get online. The sites are as seen in pictures on state park websites and I will add more after as I am able to download from camera.sorry about so many selfies but that is what I take with my phone but look past me into the background of the photos.

Broken but not gone

I went to this park to go camping and almost all the tent sites were wiped out I had a reservation but it was canceled but I was able to stay on the bluff overlooking this park. The RV sites and the cabins seem to be OK. On the west side of Bahia Honda there is great snorkeling, small reef, to left of the beach it is easy to get to and snorkel. No shade so bring your own. Small shop and cafe located on premises.

Oh down the rabbit hole I go

this is privately owned and operated no spring to swim in for non-snorkelers. There is a minimum age limit. Snorkeling and diving only You cannot go down unless you have a mask and they watch you buy camera to make sure your snorkeling and not just swimming. The water blue and cold Abundance of wildlife in the natural spring. The campsite was quiet Only three campers including myself. Camping Rates are low so if you need a place to stop at try here. They offer veterans and military discount you can rent gear and buy a few things like snacks defog for your mask and a couple other essential items. The showers are very hot I stayed in a bit past my Timeline up a public facility use, ha ha. Campsite was decent has portable toilet water Spicket and electrical at campsite think I stand a campsite number 13 but it was not assigned. There was a work truck that kept coming and going until about 8pm. And then left for the evening. There is a two hour time limit for snorkeling but you can walk the grounds. There is a swimming pool to enjoy it if you go camping you’re allowed in no extra charge but if you don’t go camping you can pay a fee and go swimming in the pool. I had to make-shift a tent because I wasn’t expecting to go camping just stopped in for a bit and Decide to stay the night.

Singing the blues water lost

This is a nice camping area there are bathrooms with showers, water and electric at most camping sites, the raccoons will go through your things looking for food. It has a freshwater spring that has grown a lot of algae about 6 Years ago it was very blue now just a small section of blue remains. The spring was relatively empty until 12pm when traffic picked up and then only one or two people ventured in. There are kayaks available to rent and a food/snack shop. There are caves available to dive in but the area was covered in duckweed. No life guard on duty but the rangers are pretty vigilant.