Great car camping

This is in the heart of the Red River Gorge and super close to Muir Valley. Great climbing campground that is fairly affordable ($8 per person per night). The only thing is they don't allow dogs, except at the annual Rocktoberfest festival.

Well run and clean

Great campground for car/ family camping. Access to the hiking trails in Hanging Rock is great! Just be aware of the times the gates close because you can get locked out!

Excellent campground... for dirtbag climbers

This campground and purveyor of pizza caters mainly to the climbing community. Camping is only open to climbers.

Pros: It is incredibly cheap at $3 per person per night. You have food for purchase, paid showers, great community, and picnic tables/ pavilions if you want to bust out the stove and cook for yourself.

Cons: Can be a little loud especially spring break weekends.