Was here today

Had so much fun here today kayaking ! It’s a great place to enjoy the beach

Best place to kayak

This one is to die for when it comes to kayaking

I don’t know why my last review was taken down

But I loved this place ..but there is a homeless man who walks the grounds .. it was an honest review .. and the videos I posted were from my time at prado .. it’s a beautiful campground and a nice place to make TikTok’s .

This is the “nice” part

The Santa Ana that is known isn’t the Santa Ana that this is! The Santa Ana that this is is quiet and safe as well as a good beautiful place to take the family!

History is real with this one

To see the historic buildings is so cool especially because it’s so well preserved! Here I can emerge yourself into history and stay the night !

I love this place

This is my home 24/7

Just went and it’s fun

I loved it I went there for one night and loved it so much I was greeted with love

Had the most magical experience

When I was in Alaska I loved it so much and the cold goes away once u see the beauty

Worth it

So worth the expense . Expensive but beautiful and romantic

I’m so done with this place and

I liked it until I met a homeless man living in the campground

Always a good time

I really like this close to home campground as it is very beautiful and near the water

So much fun with the squad #camphate

So much fun with the squad #camphate

I’m so stoked

This place is the best for burners and no I’m not talking about fires! Burning man peeps from camp hate are taking over it’s going to be amazing

I love Huntington Beach

I love this place I live here literally and can’t get enough ocean