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Not bad if you love to fish

If you love fishing this is a great place when the water level is up. It's Florida, so bring bug spray for sure! I wouldn't say it's picturesque, but it's well maintained for the most part and pretty quiet most of the time. If you just want a quick, safe, weekend trip with fishing it's a great little spot.

Great for ATV people...not so great on silence

I enjoy this area, but go in the off season or midweek if possible. Because ATVs and generators are allowed (also LOUD drinkers occasionally) it can be hard on the calm quiet types. Watch for bears and TICKS! If ATVs are your thing, then this spot is for you. Take your own water though and flashlights or lanterns for sure. The pine tree forest is beautiful and the wildflowers are very nice. I just would not recommend it for a quiet family camp out. If partying with four wheelers and no camp host is your thing though…go find a spot!

A great place to cool off. Interesting

The caves are awesome! It's affordable and they offer guided tours. If you are into spelunking it's a gem. Stalactite and stalagmite formations are very neat! It's a fabulous place to take kids to learn about a new environment.

Nice place to cool off

If you are an RV camper then you will enjoy this one. I would not recommend it to people who want on site activity. There are some cool places around to explore though. The water is beautiful though not as nice as Silver Glen right up the road. If you like RV type areas with a nice place to swim though…check it out.


Great beach! The water is clear and blue-green. The beaches are clean. The town surrounding has a very artsy awesome vibe with "good people and friendly dogs". The restaurants surrounding the beach, especially the RedBar, has amazing food, atmosphere and music…right on the beach. If you are looking for a great place to enjoy a weekend…this is one of THE best!

I love this place!

The water is crystal blue, cold and refreshing. Parents be warned, children under 12 have to wear a life vest at all times near the water. I feel very safe here though as police are constantly patrolling the area and campgrounds. Affordable cabins. Alcohol is allowed at your campsite only. Bring good shoes and bring water booties for the slippery rocks for sure! There is a lot to explore though so I would give yourself the entire weekend…or week if possible. The campsites are affordable, but the price to get in is $12 adults, $6 children, in addition to your campsite.

It's water...in the summer it's nice

If you are used to beautiful breathtaking bodies of water…you'll be disappointed. It's a good place to kayak and spend some time outdoors though.

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Worth it!

Other than the constant bugs, this one is a must camp! The sites in the back part of the loop are up near the water (hence the bugs) and soooo worth it! It's packed in the warm season but there are plenty of trees to divide you up. The look out tower is a great climb for the family and the views are amazing! Great fishing and swimming!

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Ok for a quick leg stretch

I wouldn't recommend making a day of this one. It would have been very nice if not for the litter in the waterfalls. The boardwalk is nice and well maintained but I would not recommend it for anything but a nice place to stretch en route to somewhere else.

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Torreya is a hidden gem!

Not far off the beaten path, Torreya is a gorgeous place! The entire park has so much to offer! If you are passing through…stop camp…enjoy! So many different things to enjoy for a nature lover! Kids will enjoy this one a lot too!

Pretty cool

The water is by far the best part. Trails are cool but were not very well maintained. If you happen to be nearby, go, but don't go waay out of the way for it.

Florida spring at it's best!

Go Canoeing! The main springs are great but go explore! Watch for wildlife! If you are anywhere near here…go! You will not be disappointed! It is COLD though..be warned!

Go! Go NOW!!!!!

This place is just nature at it's best! Great fishing! Gorgeous dunes! Shells, shells, shells!!! If you have a boat….take it!!! You can walk from the waves across to the calmer water….short distance. Deer frolic in the ponds at sunset. It is by far one of the best beach camping experiences I've ever had! Good facilities. GREAT cabins! Primitive camping too!

Yogi Bear!

A lost of fun for kids! If you like a natural environment…it's not the place, but if you have kids…it's a definite win!

It's the Rockies!

You're in Colorado…in nature…truly awe inspiring


The clearest water! One of the only rivers that flows north! Wild Reesus monkeys. Gators, fish and fun!

Best place on earth

This is one of my favorites! There are bugs and normal FL stuff, but the river is awesome! If you love trees especially pines….this is the spot. Also GREAT tubing and canoeing!

Ft. Pickens- the old standby

I've always loved this one. If you are a local…buy the pass. Great water, but watch for sharks in Summer. The Osprey are everywhere. Great views sunsets, dolphins turtles shells! Campground is HOT! Very few trees! Bring your own shade. Showers and bathrooms are ok…but outdated. Sand spurs are on all the trails so be careful and bring your flops. Also bring the bug spray for sure! If you don't mind walking it's worth it to avoid the crowds.

Breathtaking Turner Falls

Amazing! Blue, clean,clear water. The falls are awesome but exploring is where you'll find the true gems! The caves are great to cool off in while hiking! The views are spectacular!! Walking upstream to avoid the crowd at the falls is well worth it! Go explore and you will be rewarded with natural beauty for the effort.