Quiet and Hidden

I visit this park multiple times a year. Most of their campers are Canadian, so the campground celebrates major US & Canadian holidays.

If you want a peaceful camp trip, this is the place (if it's not during a holiday). It is right off of a major interstate, so you'll hear occasional noise. But overall, I love this place.

If you want to party, you'll love their holiday party weekends.

Heads up, this campground does not have permanent fire rings. You will either need to bring your own pit, or rent one from the front office.

Not Peaceful

I went camping here a few years ago and definitely remember more cons than pros. Granted, it was a holiday weekend, which may be why. Parents were letting their kids run wild with no respect to others in the campground. I also had a topical allergic reaction after swimming in the pond/lake.

If you have kids, there are a lot of activities.
If you are child free and looking for peace and quiet, you'll probably want to look else where.