Taylor P.

San Francisco , CA

Joined May 2019

Cloud heaven

Prewitt Ridge has some of the most fantastic views I have ever seen from any campsite. It’s quiet, peaceful, and I’d recommend to anyone who hasn’t been before.

The drive up is probably difficult for anyone in a sedan. While some of the road has been recently graded, there are some larger potholes that will cause your suspension to flex. If you’re in a suv, it’s pretty easy if you’re used to driving off road. There are some campsites on the drive up, but if you can make it to the top it’s definitely worth the drive.

We arrived at 7:30pm, and the sunset was incredible. If I could do it again I’d get there earlier to try to grab a spot near the ridge. Keep in mind that if you camp near the ridge, it’s not that private and you’ll get camped on top off pretty quickly. There are some choice spots towards the back of you want more privacy.

The only thing that really bothered us were the gnats. They were pretty vicious and I wouldn’t spend the entire day up there just to avoid those things. We had a thermacell backpacker mosquito repellent with us and luckily there wasn’t a lot of wind which kept the mosquitos away but obviously not the gnats. Come a couple hours before sunset and you should be gnat free.

Overall, if you haven’t been I’d suggest making the drive up. It’s beautiful and a chance to get away from the zoo that’s taking place on highway 1. Not sure I’d spend an entire day up here since there’s not much to do but definitely worth an overnight trip.