Taylor D.

Los Angeles, CA

Joined September 2020

Vegan living with dogs in modern, solar-powered Living Vehicle

Nice Enough

If not for competing with the resorts on the strip in Las Vegas, this park meets all needs sufficiently. The dog parks could use some remodeling, and the sites are not landscaped. Pulling into the palm tree lined entrance is the best part. I was under a giant billboard, so this park leaves a lot to the imagination. There was nothing referencing the Vegas strip here, and I think that could be improved.

Not the Safest

Pretty bare bones, dirt sites were easy to maneuver in and out of, but I had to disconnect for my overnight here and I did not feel very safe. The only neighbor I met was selling 5 week old pit bulls, which was very concerning if you are a dog lover or advocate. The next morning, I had a 10” rod deep in the side of my wheel - coincidence? I was ready to get out of there!

Upscale & Remote with Desert Scenery

Worth it to stay here even if you are planning to spend a lot of time in Sedona. The drive getting there is beautiful. It’s intentionally remote but off the highway near a large Casino and a Sonic. Lovely hiking trail across from the main entrance. Very smooth pavement, exceptionally landscaped with expensive plants like olive trees, very clean, paved sites, and great amenities. The hot tub, showers, gym, laundry and dog park were clean and well planned. There are desert views in all directions, but I particularly loved my large pull-through site 110. It’s on an interior corner and has the sweetest olive tree and great subset views. What most impressed me was the staff who escort you to your site and do a great job cleaning the sites between guests. The pavement was freshly blown and the gravel was raked in perfect rows upon arrival.

Most Dog-Friendly

Enjoyed my corner pull-through site F2 even though it was gravel with some muddy spots. There are some paved spots near the entrance (7-10 and 15-19 plus VIP 1 & 2). Fire pits and wood for $6 upon request. Nice office with two small dogs to greet you and a jar of dog treats. Was decked out for Halloween during my stay, and the flower beds, pond, playground, basketball court and dog park were among the nicest. There is even an on-site dog walker, so dog people will really appreciate staying here. I noticed one side of the park (around site 22) is very noisy during the work day as there is a big lumber yard there. The proximity to the Great Outdoors and a couple of cute pub houses was a nice surprise. Recycling dumpster on site.

Worst Ever from Site to Staff

Skies is in the name because this park is on a hilltop, but this park has done a terrible job addressing the slope and approach angle of the back-in sites 1-10. Instead of spending the money to retain the dirt around these sites and provide a more level platform for your rig, the sites slope down towards the rear and much more to one side than the other. More troublesome is the cement block retaining walls and trees right where they should NOT be (on the corners of the sites). I scraped the side of my trailer against the tree branches and will need to replace windows and a skylight that got damaged. When I called the office for assistance to back into site 6, post damage, the owner of the park showed up, did not introduce himself as the owner, and chose to argue with me about who was responsible for the tree branches blocking the entrance to this site. He questioned my experience and offered no apology or empathy for my property damage. A dozen maneuvers later, and further scraping against the branches, I was in the site. The owner said that his insurance would not apply here because I was the driver. To note, I had booked a pull-through spot and even confirmed it via phone earlier that day. Upon check-in, I was given the back-in site 6, because the spot they had for me was occupied by a guest overstaying their reservation. Due to Covid-19, only 60% occupancy is allowed by the state, so they had other sites available to put me in (or the guests who decided to stay longer!) yet they insisted site 6 was the only option - right next to high voltage electrical panels supplying the entire park. After the brutal parking experience, I called the front desk to suggest they provide an escort in the future for these sites, but the irate employee actually cussed me out and was so interruptive that I was unable to provide my full name without continuously being spoken over. It was the most absurd conversation and certainly the WORST customer service EVER. This park deserves no stars, because the owner himself was aware of these issues yet offered nothing but insult to injury. My trailer was parked here for 5 days, because the other park near town were full at the time.

Dirt Sites with Some Amenities

Not much here to write home about, but this park does offer a small, enclosed dog park, pool, a small grocery in their office building, and a “cookout” concession stand like you would find at a theme park or stadium. Their stage was being used to display a patriotic homage to the US military. No pets allowed in the amenities area. Room for improvement would be adding trees and cactus appropriate to this climate to beautify the park, because it’s pretty barren. Staff did not wear masks indoors during the rising Covid pandemic.

Convenient but No frills

In Williams, right off the highway, is this small, no frills park. There is a decent office, friendly staff, and spacious pull-through sites with full hook-ups. The row of trees lining the main road through the center of the park is lovely, but there’s not much to this place beyond that. I think it’s a good place to sleep between points A and B or a convenient location to leave your RV while visiting the Grand Canyon north of Williams.

Summer Camp for the Whole Family

Gorgeous setting on pristine Lake Catherine close to historic Hot Springs. I was in lakefront site 123 for one night but would have liked to stay longer. The water front sites near the boat dock were my favorite and easy to back into. All sites appear to be spacious with grass and fire pits. The canoe, kayak and boat rentals are in good condition, the paved sites and roads are very smooth and level, the office/lodge and facilities are definitely above average here and quite modern. While the setting is gorgeous on its own, this park has spared no expense on their facilities. The pool and adjacent waterfall are 5 star resort level. The climbing and ropes course is enormous and will make any kid’s jaw drop in disbelief. There’s an affiliated zip line just outside of the park. The hiking paths are lovely and wooded, and the tent campsites are on their own in a grassy meadow away from the RVs. The Yurts looked very nice from the outside. The shower rooms are large and stone tiled, however it looks like the ceiling needs some drywall attention or is amidst a construction project during my stay.

Spacious, Wooded, Closest to Charleston

Large park with paved and grass sites. I stayed in a paved full hookup site P2 and, even though there were a fair amount of guests, they spread everyone out so I had no immediate neighbors. To control the spacing, they do not let you pick your own site. The facilities looked basic, and the office building that greets guests needs to be remodeled, but the park is clean and felt very safe. Lovely, large oaks with gray moss provide that quintessential Charleston/Savannah setting. There’s a small pool, dog park, pasture with cows, and a play area. My favorite feature was the recycling area! Almost no RV parks provide recycling, so the fact that this park does is really nice. Tip: Beware of ant piles.

Park On the Beach!

Just as nice as a resort but here you have direct access to the sand, because you can park directly on the beach! No need for shoes if you get a site on the sand. Sites are very tight here, but daytime staff escorts help you back into your site. Lush foliage and palms provide some division between sites and facility buildings. The showers and laundry houses are well above average and super cute, actually. The first beachfront row books out far in advance, but the drawbacks are that you cannot have dogs on that row (or on the beach) and you have to maneuver your tires in deep sand. The soft, white sand here is a dream on your feet but quite a challenge to park a big rig on. Still, you see plenty of Class A and toy haulers here. I stayed in site 705 on the second row from the beach and it was ideal for dogs. Beach front site 805 never showed up so I had a direct view to the waves for two nights. With everyone’s AC units on, you cannot hear the waves as you might have hoped, but the stars were very visible. This beach is really spacious and clean (besides being anti-dog), and the steep $125/night is justified when you step directly from your RV into the sand. The downside was really just the tightness of the sites. My neighbor’s awning nearly touched my camper on one side and I could not open my umbrella due to my other neighbor’s slide out. I would have been in trouble in this site had I had slide outs too. The two pools (water slide), kid-friendly food truck, and clubhouse seemed to keep the hordes of children entertained. Conveniently located near Sandestin on Miramar Beach between Destin and the cute resort town of Seaside. Lots of delivery food options nearby and Holi Indian Kitchen was particularly delicious (and vegan friendly). Can’t wait to return and stay longer next time.

Nicely Manicured & Convenient

Conveniently located on route between Destin and Savannah, because it’s just north of Jacksonville and did not require going into the city. Park looks fairly new with clean, level paved sites and smooth roads. Easy access into and around the park for big rigs and the premium spots towards the front are worth it. Cottages look very nice and new. Clean dog parks (two) with agility course near the front entrance. My site 503 is on the catch and release pond which is the side of the park to choose if you want the waterfront scenery. Laundry facility looks very nice although I did not use it. I also did not venture to their Expansion park, but there is a clubhouse there. Based on what I did see, I would assume the facilities that I missed, like the showers, are pretty nice too. Room for improvement would be providing recycling service as there is none here.

Lakeside Restaurant/Bar & Live Music

20 minutes away from historic Savannah, but this place really impressed me for my overnight. Had a paved pull through (site 39) and it was ultra clean, level, and everything here seems brand new. They have gravel sites too, but the paved sites are more convenient and it looked like every site has its own fire pit (the office delivers firewood on request). Upon entering the park, you see a huge oak tree with gray moss (classic Savannah) and a very nice, new, country-club-like office and family-friendly pool. They seemed to be finishing a kid play pool and a lazy river with palm trees next to the existing tennis court. Staff escort to your site is a nice touch and so is curbside trash pickup (no recycling, unfortunately). The best surprise of all, and what makes this place really unique, is the restaurant and bar on the lake where we listened to live music (amazing singer) in Adirondack chairs around a huge, stone fire pit with trendy Edison bulb tea lights strung overhead. The only drawback was there was nothing for me to eat on my plant-based (vegan) diet and even the frozen piña colada had dairy whipped cream on top. Despite the park being very up-to-date, the general attitude of the staff, although friendly, did not seem very progressive. For example, only one younger staff member (out of many) in the indoor office and restaurant wore a mask during the rising Covid outbreak. More concern for the health and safety of their staff and guests is needed here.