Everuthing was relaxed and easy

We booked through Airbnb. when we arrived, we learned that the campground wa San old KOA. it had a decent shower room and we stayed in a small, clean cabin right by the entrance of the park. We also saw tent campers. You could take paddle boats out onto the lake if you wanted. We had a picnic table and an area for a fire. we all had a nice time.

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Great spot!

We were here in the summer of 2017. we originally got flooded out of our original spot, but were able to get another spot in the same campground. it was a walk up site. however, it was beautiful! it was a short walk down to Redfish Lake. The scenery is amazing. We would definitely return!

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Fun spot

We stayed here in the summer of 2017. it didn’t look like much as we pulled up, because there were a lot of trees that had been burned in a recent fire. however, we had a lot of fun. we discovered the river that ran behind the campground there and spent quite a bit of time there just hanging out. You could definitely hear the roar of cars since it was pretty close to the highway, but it wasn’t overly distracting. overall had a fun time with the family!

Amazing weekend with friends

We came here the first weekend of the summer it was open, so it was definitely cold. Our campsite hadn’t been used since fall, so it was pretty overgrown when we got there and we had to our our tent on top of smashed down long grass. It didn’t matter. This place was amazingly beautiful. there is a great hike right off the campground suitable for kids or adults. There are two spots that have an amazing view. However, they were first come first serve. We snagged one for the second night since the people there had left. It was a no frills place and we were dirtier than usual since there was no running water. it also had no firewood for sale, so we hauled ours up. We knew all this going in, so it didn’t matter. We had a great time.

Sugarloaf is absolutely amazing

We tent camped here in July 2018. Sugarloaf is off by itself at the end of the lake, so it’s a little more laid back there. Our group simply set our in the morning and camped out on the beach with our gear. we had paddle boards, a canoe, and a floatie and spent the entire day out there. there was some nice sand for the kids to build with. We also went fishing in a different spot and watched the most beautiful sunset. The birds we saw here wwre absolutely amazing. we saw multiple ospreys, pelicans, and mountain bludbirds. I would go back to camp here any time.