Central Idaho's Hidden Gem.

Thoroughly enjoyed camping in this area. Amazingly enough, we didn't run into a whole lot of other people while camping, only in the actual town. Getting there is interesting down a winding dirt road, but worth the trip to find all the trees in the middle of a desert. The landscape is this breathtaking mix of trees and rock formations and sagebrush. We hiked all over and climbed on the rocks. Had a good time getting coffee in town in the morning.

Fun area.

Stayed here as a child. We piddled around in a raft around the lake and did some fishing. Saw quite a bit of wildlife. We had a great camping spot right by the water. Touring the mining towns near by was so much fun!

More time on the river.

Spent most of the time on the river. Awesome for rafting. Too hot in the summer to be anywhere else. Exhausted after boating, so slept away most of the rest of the time.

better for trails.

Right off the highway, so traffic noise consistently. The trails are nice, but you don't come across water very often. Better for bikes and atv's. Beautiful trees.

open spaces and talking critters.

Overall really enjoyed staying here. However, there wasn't a lot of foliage in between spots, felt rather exposed. There were tons of whistle pigs making noise the entire time. Beautiful views though with fascinating history.