Beautiful find

What a pleasant surprise. This hidden gem is gorgeous. Camped in site 102 along the water. Neat, clean, well-maintained. Staff were very helpful. Wish I could stay longer.

Always check the bathrooms

First bathroom completely trashed, second bathroom, someone left the door open and the seat of the pit toilet up…was swarming with flies. Opted not to stay, witch was a shame because it was gorgeous otherwise.

Always check the bathrooms

We were planning on staying there Sunday, May 9, 2021. The only bathroom did not have a toilet seat. As two women, this was problematic. We opted not to stay.

Lovely Campground

Beautiful campground near Las Cruces NM and White Sands National Park. Love that the camp site all have covered structures over the picnic tables. Definitely keeps the sun off. We stayed in site 25. Plenty of room. No large RVs because they can't get up the road. Lots of folks camping in vans. Could have done without the DJs blasting heavy metal music in the evening and again in the morning.

Definitely a winner!

Quiet, clean, a winner! I've stayed at this campground three times now. It's always such a pleasure to stay here. The bathrooms are clean, the people are nice, and the sites are well-spaced. Even managed to get a 23 mile bike ride through the desert today. Great place to stay when exploring Saguaro National Park. Will definitely stay here again.