Peaceful Fall Camp

Visited in October, beautiful colors and calm weather!


Great place, volleyball court and pavillion. Can get extremely busy though. Great cliff jumping!

Campground On The Lake

Nice clean campground, well-maintained facilities, and they even have a dock and a playground! The lake is great for swimming and fishing.

Bring Bugspray!

Big Creek Campground and surrounding area is so peaceful! Floating the river was really fun (but cold!). I would recommend bug spray to anyone who is prone to mosquito bites. Especially when it's dusk and you are by the river! Overall an excellent campground and they do provide drinking water!

A GNP Classic

Avalanche Campground is always packed these days. Excellent location though with plenty of good beginner/easier hiking. If you haven't hike to Avalanche Lake, have you even been to Glacier National Park?! If my 2, 4, and 6-year-old cousins can do it, so can you!

Hidden Spot

Overall a great location and while popular, it's mostly fellow Montanan's and not AS many tourists. Unbelievable fishing (could see schools of trout), plenty of huck pickin, and nice fire pits (when not on fire restriction). Not 5 stars because porta potty is ROUGH! Be warned!

Great Family Spot!

Been coming here since I was a baby and it's always a good experience. It is every increasingly busy, so we leave Kalispell at 4am to drive there and get a spot. Even getting there by 7am, there is already a line of people waiting to get spots! Very clean, excellent facilities though!

April Dirtbiking Spot!

Awesome in April when the snow's melted and no one else is around! Easy to park a camper/toyhauler and get out and ride. You can go to the canadian border!


This is an awesome spot with beautiful views but it is extremely rare that it is not packed. There is a boat launch, ample parking, and plenty of cliffs to jump off of and suntan on. Overall a fun place but a little too crowded.


Saw the first snow of the year when we visited here in October. Stayed two nights. The outhouse at this lookout is the nicest I've seen! There is precut firewood but otherwise sparse supplies. Used the wood stove to cook with our cast iron pan. It got really windy and stormy but was cool to wake up to snow. Temps were in the 20's at night…woke up cold to an empty wood stove!

Excellent for families!

Great place for families…clean, quiet, right by the lake. The hike to the Holland Falls is short but totally worth it! Clean lake perfect for swimming and paddleboarding. Will definitely come again!


We stayed here two nights. Excellent views 360*. This lookout was nice because it had a propane fridge, oven, heater, and lights. It also had a variety of pots/pans/plates/cups/utensils. There is a winch on the side of the deck so you don't have to haul things up (like our cooler). Explored the Yaak and Kootenai!

All Time Favorite!

Two Medicine never disappoints. I bring my waders and float tube and love to fish in the lake. The campground is at the base of a mountain where bear sightings are not uncommon! In true Montana fashion, the weather can change drastically in minutes. Wind can come through really strong here! Warning! I suggest hiking Scenic Point…pictures just don't do it justice.