Susan J.

Jacksonville, FL

Joined October 2019

Beautiful scenery but noisy

Absolutely gorgeous scenery - it’s not only on a lake but also on a dam and 3+ waterfalls. The nature trails are also really interesting. The facilities are decent and it’s particularly good if you like fishing and kayaking.

Downside if you get a campsite on the side of the dam (it’s split - one side is on the lake/dam, the other is on the river/falls) - it’s right next to private housing and those are some party loving people at 2am. Their dogs also have bark battles all night long.

5 stars for the park itself. 0 stars for the neighbors.

A good one

There was a good amount of space between you and other campers, the restrooms were nearby (a bit unique, these restrooms were solo bathrooms with a private shower in each one - there were ~3 so that meant a wait only occasionally. The privacy was nice though).

The drive between the office and the grounds were absolutely beautiful. You go through a long stretch of road over marshlands - perfect for biking or walking.

The fishing piers were also beautiful.

All in all this was a surprising gem.