B+J S.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Joined August 2020

Converted 5x8’ cargo trailer into a mighty mini off road ready camper trailer. Shore power, solar, generator, dual ARB tarps, ARB refrigerator/freezer, 35’ tires, full queen mattress, full entertainment system, and of course - air conditioning! Months at a time exploring all the great USA has to offer! Current 📍: Carolinas.

If you don’t mind the sun

This is a neat little plot of land to base some fishing from. It’s run by Middleton’s Fish Camp Park, so really this location on the map needs a name change.

When you get here, you pay $10 per person to the bait shop for the night. They’ve stopped people from driving out to the camping area, so you have to lug your gear to your spot. There’s no shade in the camping area, but there are two fire pits and two picnic tables, so bring a pop up or shelter tent for the midday sun. The bathhouse has male and female sides with two toilets and a shower. It’s not up kept terribly well, but they work just fine!

If no one is in the bait shop it says to help yourself to ice and bait until someone comes. Inside the shop are drinks and snacks available. There’s also a phone number you can call. The owner also does guided lake trips if you’re interested.

Bring your boat or kayak to explore the lake. It’s really big. Last time we camped here (10 or so years ago) we rented a John boat for the day. The lake is a birders paradise if you’re into that. All along are big osprey nests in the trees.

There is a Blue Cypress community next to the camping. Primarily “fish camp” getaways.

I Really Want to Like The Place

We stayed in site 138 after a really bad rain (TS Sally). I want to really like this park as there is a lot to do without leaving the premises.

The pros: the beach is right there and really nice! There’s also a lake on premise that has bass jumping everywhere during their evening feed. It would be great to kayak out with a fishing rod. The kids have a great playground, but the splash pad was under maintenance. There is a camp store at the front of the campground that sells ice, firewood, and misc items. Didn’t go in as we got in late and left early. There’s also a laundry house which is very handy.

The cons: bathhouses leave a bit to be desired in the way of cleanliness. There are some nice private sites, but many are exposed and muddy when it rains and the setup is a bit odd. We also had biting ants in our site so bring a can of Raid spray and you’ll be fine. The roads around the camp are falling apart and need some attention!!

Over all, I’d give it a try again if it was during a dry spell and a few of the better sites are open.

Price paid: $30 + $3 tax for electric and water.

Two Nights to Explore Local trout Streams

We had site 17. It was large and the first going up the hill. Over looked a couple of other site that had three families with about a half million children. That was annoying, but that’s not the campgrounds fault.

Only stayed two nights to check out all of the local trout streams. We happened to only have basic camping gear and that was great! Simple and easy. Clean showers with good hot water pressure!

Stayed in September so we’re able to sleep without the rain fly on the tent!

Large Camping Area

Camped at #70 July 23rd + 24th. Only people the first night but had a four horse group and a three guy group the second night. There are plenty of spots for each of us to have our own space. Stayed towards the top along Jonas Creek. Good spot. Not muddy and had decent tree coverage from the crazy afternoon storms.

Coming from Clingman’s Dome, you can basically put on a decent pair of water hiking shoes from the FC crossing right before #69 and comfortably wear them down to #70. Once you get to the big bridge going over FC, you’ve reached your camp.

The first portion of the camp is where previous campers left a bag of their trash hung from the cables. Found lots of trash around. Luckily the horse campers were able to take the big bag out and we took a few items (stakes, line, etc) but did not take the tampon applicator. 🙄 Again, pack in PACK OUT!

Mention this in my review for site #69, but it’s more important here. There are spiders, flies, and bees. Not really any mosquitos though. If you’re allergic to bees, pack an EpiPen!

Bonus - amazingly we had fresh berries from the bushes right behind us for out oatmeal every morning!

Did the Forney Creek Trail primarily for fly fishing. Got a few bites in the Jonas Creek, but Forney Creek was moving too quickly due to rain.

Four stars for trash and bug issues.

A Few Neat Spots at #69

Camped at #69 on July 22, 2020. Hiked down from Clingman’s Dome that morning. Set the tent closest to the creek on the flat spot by the three bear cables for your packs. Rained a bit, but that spot seemed to stay dry. There’s plenty of pieces of downed wood if you have a few dry days. Unfortunately, we saw rain everyday on this trail.

My biggest recommendation is to put on water hikers before crossing the creek before arriving at #69 and leave them on. Camp is only a few feet past the crossing. Take the crossing high and use trekking poles to check the depth before wading through. Water was under knee high at the deepest path we took. Other reviews (different sites) say this crossing can get up to waist height. Be sure to remove your chest straps before any river crossing!

Our primary reason for the Fourney Creek Trail was for fly fishing. We didn’t fish this spot, but when I rinsed my hands in the water there, curious baby brookies came up to investigate me! There’s a fair bit of daddy-long-legs, some flies, and bees. Didn’t have them at #68 and they get worse at #70. Did not get stung, but if allergic, carry and EpiPen.


Two Sections to #68

Camped at #68 on July 25, 2020. Will start by stating that there are two parts to #68, Upper #68 and Lower #68. We camped at Upper. If you have a tent larger than a Quarterdome SL2, there won’t be sufficient room to stake it to flat ground. There are two spots at Upper for our sized tent or smaller with three bear cables for your packs. Lower #68 is much larger for big tents and big groups.

We came in from site #70 that day on our way back up to Clingman’s Dome. We tried to beat the daily rain but failed. The rain fly was on the tent but it wasn’t staled down before the downpour happened. Thankfully!!! So I picked up the tent and put it on a rock over my gear so it wouldn’t get flooded. Our chosen tent spot flooded, so we diverted the water flow with rocks and a trench. Used the footprint as a makeshift shelter and waited out the storm. It got VERY cold during and after the storm (see your breath). Even at the end of July. Have proper rain gear! Side note for Lower #68, the field area floods as well!!!

Didn’t have the bug problem we had at #69 and #70, I believe because of the elevation. We did have a cute black salamander (?) Watch is while we cooked and ate each meal.

Recap: Upper #68 for a small tent and beautiful cascades! The real winner spot! Lower #69 for large tent and group.

The reason for 4 stars: flooding in rainy weather!

Awesome spot by the beach

Easy to get to and close to everything! If you’re a beach lover, this is a great campground. All of the sites are shaded with fire rings, water hookups, picnic tables, and lantern holders. Most sites offer a fair bit of privacy for you set up camp properly. Each loop has a clean restrooms, laundry facilities with a clothes line and Coquina (the loop we stayed on) had a playground.

Would recommend bicycles to get to the beach and either SUPs or kayaks to paddle the salt run at high tide. I’d you don’t have your own, they rent them there. There’s also a beach grill and convenience store by the beach.

If you’re an early bird, watching the sunrise from the beach is quite a nice way to start the day!

Easy stop over

Easy stop over for a night or two. Right off of I95. Next to a major road, so there is car/truck noise during the day. None of the sites are private, so I wouldn’t call this a “destination” campground. Great if you want to fish and kayak the Edisto River!

The bathrooms are very clean and air conditioned. Sites are all very clean with power, water, picnic table, and fire ring. There are nicely spaced out trees, so if you have a hammock, bring it. Didn’t have mosquito issues, but beware there are a lot of ants and they bite!!

Best sites are 6, 8, and 9. We camped in site 10.